On safety

On safety

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When it comes to safety, we all know that safety is a kind of consciousness and a kind of responsibility. However, in real life, people tend to forget about safety, there will be such and such safety accidents, which will inadvertently cause great losses to the country, society, families and individuals, and even take life seriously. This year, our theme of safety production is "strengthen the awareness of red line, promote safety development". No matter large country or small family, they are talking about safety and grasping safety, and put safety awareness into everyone's mind. No matter whether you are working or living, you should pay attention to safety first. Your family is looking forward to your safe return. Only the safety and health of the whole family is the greatest happiness.
There are many accidents around us, which are caused by people's carelessness and illegal operation. How many families are incomplete? Those tragedies can't be understated with one word. The lesson of blood tells us that for the happiness of our family and for our own happiness, we should always remember that safety is more important than Mount Tai, and always give ourselves and our families good luck Fu's safety belt, of course, has many unsafe factors around us, but as long as we have safety risks in mind, we will stay away from us.
Spring will come again when it's gone, and flowers will bloom again when it's gone. But life is only for us once. We remember to cherish life safely, which is our responsibility and the best return to our family. What we have to do every day is to work diligently and take safety home. Everyone should take safety as an actual action rather than an empty language, put the responsibility of safety into practice, actively eliminate potential safety hazards, prevent accidents before they happen, and make everyone around you happy and healthy.
We should take safety as a habit and make it a natural habit. We should always put safety in our brain and subconscious, and make it a special memory. Of course, good safety habits are not formed in one day and two days. They come from the pursuit of work goals and life goals, from long-term self-discipline, and from sound systems. Therefore, as we are in the front line of production Employees, it is particularly important to develop good occupational safety habits. Only when employees are safe, the enterprise can grow. It is the title for the enterprise to develop safety, so we should have a safety cordon in mind. Only in this way can we do not hurt ourselves, others and others. Change "I want to be safe" into "I want to be safe", master the safety operation procedures of each post, do not operate in violation of regulations, and operate carefully. Take the goal of safety production as your own action guide, work for others more for yourself, work safely and go home safely.
Zhang Ting, quality inspection department of Xinya company

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