[New Asia] report on the release of "warm heart welfare" in the Mid Autumn Festival

[New Asia] report on the release of "warm heart welfare" in the Mid Autumn Festival

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On September 7, on the eve of this year's Mid Autumn Festival, with the greetings of "Happy Mid Autumn Festival", the staff of the comprehensive management department sent a holiday gift including moon cakes, fruits and consolation money to the staff of Xinya company. At the same time of receiving festival gifts, the staff deeply felt that the company would give festival gifts to everyone in the mid autumn festival every year; although the gifts are small, they are full of warm care and warm in heart. It is believed that the company's action not only reflects the care for employees, warms up the heart of thinking about family in a foreign country, but also reflects the good corporate culture atmosphere of Xinya company. The enterprise can take the employees to heart, be anxious about the employees, think about the employees, of course, it can make the employees loyal to the company and work steadily.
On the day of the Mid Autumn Festival, the company also provided the employees with the local characteristics of Zhongwei selenium sand melon. The whole company is full of a thick mid autumn festival atmosphere, which warms the hearts of the workers who are in a foreign country to miss their families. As the saying goes, "pay attention to people first". Only by retaining the attention of employees, can employees and enterprises work together in the same boat and move in the same direction, and enterprises can become bigger and bigger. For a long time, Xinya company has always regarded its employees as the core of the enterprise, and has been making unremitting efforts to create a first-class working platform and living environment for its employees, and has taken it as its duty to seek benefits for its employees. With the help of "mid autumn gifts", the company not only enriches the connotation of corporate culture, but also provides employees with a unique "emotional welfare".
An enterprise with rich cultural background will undoubtedly have a strong cohesion. Corporate culture is a kind of cultural propaganda to the inside and a kind of spiritual creation; to the outside, it is a kind of establishment of corporate image and an invisible strengthening of competitiveness. Now, every festival holiday, such as Mid Autumn Festival, has become an entry point of emotional investment for enterprises. "Mid autumn gift" embodies not only a kind of employee welfare, but also a strong emotional concern.
With the help of the Mid Autumn Festival, I wish you a Happy Mid Autumn Festival!
Wang Jing, General Department of Xinya company

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