[New Asia] enterprises also need speed bumps

[New Asia] enterprises also need speed bumps

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Every day when we get off work, we will pass many speed bumps. When the road ahead is not repaired, it is very difficult to walk. Now the road has been repaired, but there are more speed bumps. Every time we go, we have to slow down. People passing by say that we didn't increase the speed bumps before. Now we have more accidents. There are fewer accidents. It's really a lost corner. It's a good harvest. I think the deceleration strip of a road is responsible for the cars passing by, but actually for the people passing by. So should an enterprise. When an enterprise develops and grows, sometimes it pursues rapid development, which will cause other kinds of security to fail to keep up with it, and will lead to a series of problems, even large accidents and losses.
If an enterprise wants to develop and grow, it has to follow up all aspects of the security system. For chemical enterprises, I think the security system includes abundant funds, advanced equipment, first-class technology, perfect management and faithful implementation. Specifically, environmental protection, safety, power, funds, personnel, etc. If the development of an enterprise is the accelerator of a car, the problem it faces is the deceleration belt. If it encounters these problems, it has to reduce the accelerator or step on the brake. Of course, we should face the "deceleration belt" correctly, think deeply, analyze it carefully and solve it comprehensively. Sometimes there must be a kind of spirit of "Zhilan block Dao Zhao Ba". It can also be understood as the policy of "keeping energy and energy".
Since this year, our company has always kept safety in mind while keeping production in line with the actual situation. In the middle of August, we stopped production and carried out boiler oil change, equipment maintenance and overhaul. It is precisely because Xinya always kept this "deceleration belt" of safety that we have ensured that there is no major equipment injury accident since the establishment of the plant, which has created our industry There is no major safety accident in the chemical plant.
Secondly, in late September, in order to further improve the environmental protection treatment facilities, the company decided to suspend production for two months and upgrade the sewage treatment equipment. According to the plan at the beginning of the year, the commissioning of MVR was further improved. It was because Xinya company tried to take the lead in thinking of the "deceleration belt" of environmental protection in Tengger that it ensured to take the initiative to improve it without the government's requirements The company has been highly valued and praised by the management committee, Qili, Mengli, autonomous region and even the Ministry of environmental protection of the people's Republic of China for the trench reconstruction, power upgrading and MVR reservoir establishment. Upgrading the environmental protection facilities has won the trust of the government departments and guaranteed the stable production in the future. What a blessing in disguise! At the same time, the company continuously improves the safety facilities, comprehensively improves the soft and hard strength of safety work, from the preparation of safety standardization documents, management standards, management systems to the follow-up of workshop fire-fighting facilities, to various work permits, pressure gauge calibration, etc., which not only makes sufficient preparation for the three-level safety inspection before the end of the year, but also lays a solid foundation for the future safety management work Basics.
For vehicles, the deceleration belt makes the vehicle safe in driving and plays the purpose of buffering and decelerating, and improves the safety of the traffic crossing. In the same way, for enterprises, "deceleration belt" not only ensures the purpose of safety production, but also ensures the healthy and stable energy-saving and environmental protection production of enterprises in the process of operation. At the same time, it also improves the ability of enterprises to respond to emergencies. It has won extensive experience and advantages for the future operation of enterprises and avoids the detour of enterprises. Therefore, enterprises also need deceleration belt.
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Liu Shiwei

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