[Xinya] did the "mentality" of working for you get rid of

[Xinya] did the "mentality" of working for you get rid of

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I work for the company. The company pays me a share of the compensation. It's only an equivalent exchange. I don't owe anyone. As long as I can afford this salary, I will not do any more, and I will do nothing. Work is not for yourself. It's OK to say that. Why are you so serious. This idea of "I'm just working for the boss" is very common. In many people's eyes, work is just a simple employment relationship. To do more, to do less, to do better and to do worse is not meaningful to them. It's OK to meet the requirements. Therefore, the quality and standard of work are not high.
Who are we working for? Everyone who works should ask themselves. If we don't figure out the problem when we are young and adjust our work mentality, then we are likely to have no chance of success. There is a story about a man named Jack who has worked in a trading company for a year. Because he is not satisfied with his work, he always says angrily to his friends, "my salary in the company is the lowest, and the boss doesn't take me seriously. If it goes on like this, one day I will shoot a table with him, and then quit.".
At that time, some people laughed it off, but one of them asked, "have you figured out the business of this trading company? Have you figured it out?" he replied honestly, "not yet!" then his friend said, "it's not too late for a gentleman to revenge for ten years! I suggest you first calm down and work conscientiously to put all their trading skills and business literature into practice The book and the company's organization are fully understood, even including how to write the contract and other specific details, and then walk away. Isn't this not only a gas, but also a lot of gains? "
Jack followed his friend's advice, changed his old work habits, and began to work conscientiously. Even after work, he often stayed in the office overtime to study the writing of business documents. A year later, the friend ran into him by chance and asked, "now you've probably learned how to beat the table. Are you ready to quit?" Jack said: but I found that in the past six months, the boss looked at me with great admiration and recently entrusted me with a heavy task, not only promotion, but also salary increase. To be honest, not only the boss, but the rest of the company began to respect and envy me! "
Only with the mentality of "working for yourself" and the simple life philosophy of "working for others, but also for yourself", can we do well in our hands calmly, and finally get rich material rewards, win the respect of colleagues, and realize our own value.
Ways to adjust your mind:
1. Recognize the meaning of work.
From Jack's story, we can realize that working for others is also working for ourselves. Life is inseparable from work. Work can not only earn the salary to support our family, but also exercise our will. New tasks can develop our talents, cooperation with colleagues can cultivate our personality, and communication with customers can train our character. In a sense, work is for oneself, not for others.
2. Empty yourself and hold the attitude of learning.
In the work, no matter what you do, you should return to zero mentality: empty yourself, hold the attitude of learning, regard every work task as a new start, a new experience, a door to success.
3. Think in a different way and you will feel happy.
Some people work in a good company, but every day he will also have a lot of unhappiness, suffering always around him. Some people work in general units, but they never give up. Every day, they have work goals. They take this as an opportunity to exercise and grow, and through creative completion of their own work, they are admired by their colleagues. This kind of sunshine like mentality, fire like enthusiasm, the ultimate harvest is the fruits of success and the joy and happiness of work!
4. Learn to appreciate every moment of work.
We must learn to appreciate every moment in our work, love life, love our work, get along with colleagues harmoniously, and believe that the future will be better. Success tends to favor those who are constantly striving for success!
5. If you can't change the environment, adapt to it and change yourself.
When we can't change the environment, we have to adapt to it. If you can't change others, you can change yourself. If you can't change things, you can change your attitude towards them. You can't compare up to compare down. This tells us that people can't wait, they should learn to adapt. With the change of time, place and environment, we should constantly adjust our mentality. Natural selection, survival of the fittest, we have to constantly adapt to, constantly adjust, in order to make a difference!
In a word: no matter in work or life, we should learn to forget, understand and tolerate. Don't let your unforgiving give others the chance to hurt you continuously. More importantly, learn to be grateful, appreciate and give, so that you will feel that what you have done will be a return to others. What is work? Work is learning, learning and relearning. There is no end to learning. As long as you always keep this mindset, you will feel happy every day, happy and benefited, and your work will go to a higher level!
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