Refined adjustment report of instrument sub control department of Yadong

Refined adjustment report of instrument sub control department of Yadong

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In the key stage of the group's rapid development, the company proposes a refined management mode in combination with the development of the enterprise itself and the industry at home and abroad, which is a very important decision, a management concept and a management culture. In order to implement this management mode, all departments are groping for their own starting points and methods in an orderly and tense way.
Fine management is to replace general and fuzzy management with concrete and clear quantitative standards. It is to decompose and quantify the objects of management one by one into specific figures, procedures and responsibilities, so that each work content can be seen, touched and accurate.
The company established instrument branch control department to cooperate with production, analyze raw materials, intermediates, main products and by-products used in the synthesis process through instruments, so as to play a guiding role in production control, and comprehensively improve the quality and stability of products we have made. At present, we are still a blank about the production central control. In order to meet the demand of refined management, we need the cooperation of Technology Department, production department, quality inspection department, application department and other departments. It needs a long time of experimental exploration and experience accumulation, which is a complex and arduous task.
There are many problems that need to be faced when the new Department is established. For our own products, there is no experience to learn from, and there is no ready-made method to follow. All these need our own continuous experimental development and summary. Although there are many difficulties, I believe that any difficulties can be solved for us by virtue of the indomitable perseverance and the courage of the people of Yadong.
In order to achieve the goal of fine management, from the beginning of the new Department, we have strict requirements on ourselves. First, we have to formulate new instrument division rules and regulations, strictly follow the rules and regulations, and gradually establish fine analysis and operation procedures to refine the work into each link, requiring that every employee's daily work, each operation has certain specifications and requirements, Gradually change the original concept of extensive, more formal, standardized and standardized, and provide the popularization and replicability for the guidance of production control in the future. Secondly, while not affecting the current analysis of raw materials, starting with the main products, we should explore the entry point of development and production control in cooperation with the technology department, production, quality inspection and application, summarize experience, and strive to provide repetitive and reliable data for production. Finally, gradually expand to every variety, including finished product auxiliary detection, so that our quality control can reach the international level, so that the quality stability of the product is strongly guaranteed.
Fine management is not only a powerful means for enterprises to achieve core competitiveness, but also a firm and long-term goal. It needs every one of us to understand and implement it in a fundamental and all-round way. We must be practical in our daily work, start with small things, pay attention to every detail, and make small things real, detailed and precise, so as to continuously improve our professional quality. Only in this way can we improve the management of our department and lay a good foundation for further management of the enterprise. In order to achieve our goal, we will spare no effort and go forward bravely to make our own contribution to the refined management of the enterprise.
Ma Jie, instrument division of Yadong company

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