[Yadong] Yadong 101 raises the sail of unity and mutual assistance

[Yadong] Yadong 101 raises the sail of unity and mutual assistance

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In Yadong, there is nothing unknown about mentioning 101. It carries a series of processes such as the turnover of sales information, production information and storage information, as well as logistics information tracking and document entry, etc. it is busy and orderly every day.
Every day when I go to work, I call 101 from all over the country, including those who check the goods, ask for directions, pick up the goods, produce the goods, prepare the goods, and also those who ask for the goods from customers. Even some drivers call directly and ask: how can we get to you in Shijiazhuang now? We patiently explained to each other and told him to contact us when he arrived in Tianjin. Sometimes the delivery master didn't bring the warehouse entry form. He didn't know three times when he asked, so he would be confused when he opened the warehouse entry application form. He could only call the purchasing department again and again to check and confirm.
In 101, there is a tacit understanding that Du Yanyu is quite familiar with sales orders and some customers' special requirements for products and delivery. Generally, if there is such a topic, we will consult her; Yang Jian is quite familiar with warehouse packaging and the specification and skills of beating and supporting, and this kind of thing will consult her; Cui Haiyan has worked in the quality inspection department before, and is familiar with the sampling quality requirements of samples and Proofing speed, do not understand we will ask her for advice. Everyone can learn from each other's shortcomings and improve the quality of their work.
Logistics tracking is a complex and headache thing. He guangbin doesn't care about the goods as long as he is young. He calls every day to ask where the goods are and when they will arrive at the customer's hands. When some goods cannot be delivered to customers in time due to traffic jam or car damage, relevant personnel will be informed in time and customers will be informed in advance.
In August this year, because the previous logistics receipts were bagged for storage, which was not conducive to search, in order to standardize the storage of documents, 101 colleagues used the rest time to sort and bind the previous disorderly documents one by one according to the date and number, and store them uniformly.
Since logistics went to the NC system this year, Chen Pingtan is responsible for the entry of daily logistics list and logistics expense invoice. From the 26th of each month to the 25th of the next month, it is a settlement period to review and write off the entered logistics list and invoice, and issue a monthly report. At the same time, improve the logistics system, implement and check the logistics cost of the financial system, and keep consistent.
Every day's work is basically different, but when one of them is too busy, everyone will take the initiative to help each other and never delay work because they are too busy. General manager Zhao once said: "division of labor and cooperation", division of labor and coordination are difficult. In 101, "division of labor and cooperation" has already become a daily work. They cooperate with each other, don't care, don't complain and get along well. Although they are tired sometimes in the day, everyone is very happy.
A good working environment and a good group are undoubtedly the prerequisite for doing a good job. We will continue to work hard to let Yadong shine in our hands!
Yadong warehousing & Logistics Department
Room 101

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