[Yadong] mind like LAN? Will like water

[Yadong] mind like LAN? Will like water

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1、 In the valley of orchid, though lonely and fragrant, it's a kind of indifference; in the corner of plum blossom, though still and fragrant, it's a kind of elegance; in the corner of plum blossom, though still and fragrant, it's a kind of fortitude; in the corner of plum blossom, it's a kind of elegance; in the corner of plum blossom, it's a kind of fortitude. One's only life, don't expect the next. When the state of mind is like orchid, everything can be seen through; when the temperament is like plum, learn to bloom brightly in the winter of fate; when the will is like water, how much can you tolerate and how much will you gain eventually.
2、 Sometimes we are not happy, not have less, but can not let go of more, can not let go of people who go far, do nothing, can not let go of the outside wind, other people's criticism, can not let go of the side scenery, future expectations, always in self torture and wear. It's not that time flies, it's that time can't rival our desire. The most important thing in life is not how to walk fast, but how to let things go, how to pray for nothing, and how to cultivate a calm and indifferent heart, which is the ultimate pursuit.
3、 In any case, no matter what the future may be, we should keep the essence of goodness. Only when you are kind, can the world be broad and he can be tolerant. We should have the heart of helping people, the material is thick and thin, and the spirit is unlimited; we should have the mouth of praising people, good words make the winter warm, and bad words make the summer cold; we should have a pure eye, you see it is simple, all living beings are not complex; we should help people's hands, less icing on the cake, more help in the snow; we should have the breast of tolerating people, how much you accept, how much you can get.
4、 Everyone is their own master, even if you are great, in other people's world, you are just a supporting role; even if you are no longer bad, your life journey has to go hard. Looking at the crowd around you, it seems that there is a lot of excitement, but in fact, few people stop, rare people walk with you, accompanied by those lonely and lonely mood. Don't envy and hate others, don't waste time; examine and urge yourself with all your strength, so that you can achieve something.
5、 The vast sea of people, who is your encounter, who is your accident; who is missing with you, who are you wiping your shoulders with; who is with you in front of your eyes, who do you want to be with forever? What we experience in our destiny is endless moments. We don't intend to achieve success, and coincidence is doomed to marriage. What we miss is not willing to give up, not willing, not willing, but also learn to let go. You put it down, and it's only sooner or later. What we have, we need to know not to tire of, not to betray, not to give up. If you stick to it, the moon will still be full.
6、 No matter how noble you are, or how humble you are, cultivate a word of "heart". He who has a quiet mind must climb high, and then he can look far and see that the clearer the hearts of all living beings are; he who has a harmonious heart must be kind, and then he can help others and contain all things. He who has a wise mind must be indifferent, and then he can be flat, and his smiling face will be cold and warm, and his heart will be peaceful. If the heart is quiet, you will not be excited for a long time, and you will lose your sorrow soon; if the heart is harmonious, you will not be arrogant, and you will not be jealous; if the heart is wise, you will lose eventually, and you will lose again.
7、 The deep meaning of life is always to keep the true self in temptation, not to love the disturbance in the world, and to tend to be clear and quiet in the restlessness of mind, not to pay attention to the worldly glitz. Flower opening is a process, when we meet, we cherish our fate; leaf falling is a kind of reincarnation, don't cry when we leave. How prosperous it was at the beginning and how frustrated it was at the end. Pain and joy have always been in flux. The highlight of life is not how much you remember, but how much you forget. Only when you walk and abandon, can you go further.
8、 I thought that as long as the road is right, I will not be afraid of being far away, as long as I go up and down, I will finally get what I want; as long as I am sure that it is worth it, I will not be stingy with my efforts, and I believe that the hard stone can also blossom. But God often makes people, sometimes walking on the road is not the past, sometimes persisting for a long time, the world has quietly changed. Looking back at the end of the trip, life is nothing but white clouds and dogs. Some people don't need to wait, some things don't need to be too serious.
9、 Life is like gambling, winning and losing are intertwined, worry and joy are changed, rise and fall are changed. No matter how beautiful a smile is, it will not last forever. No matter how sad the cry is, there will be an end. If you fall to the bottom of the valley, you will walk high every time you climb; if you stand on the top of the wave, you will go low if you are a little careless. Don't let life be too ordinary, light as it is, but there is no trace behind you; don't let fate be too turbulent, magnificent as it is beautiful, and it's easy to lose direction if you live for a long time. If you don't catch time, sometimes you will lose.
10、 Don't trust and depend on others. The only one who doesn't abandon you is yourself. Don't whisper your pain and sorrow. There are few people who really care about you. Your talk may become a pile of laughingstock. Don't easily avoid and refuse to strike injuries, without the recuperation of painstaking drugs, how to be strong in spirit? Don't despise the people and things that have nothing to do with you. Maybe that's the ladder you climb up. If you are generous, the world will be bright; if you are kind, life will be beautiful.
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