[Yadong] excerpt of wonderful inspirational essays

[Yadong] excerpt of wonderful inspirational essays

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1. Opportunity, create by yourself.
There is a bird that can successfully fly across the Pacific Ocean by a small branch. When it flies, it holds the branch in its mouth. When it is tired, it puts the branch in the water and stands on it to rest. Imagine if he brought the bird's nest and enough food, could he still fly? Can he fly far? It can be seen that success does not depend on the quality of conditions, but on the attitude towards opportunities. The weak miss opportunities in superior conditions, while the strong create opportunities in the absence of conditions. Just like a bird flying across the Pacific Ocean, it can stand on a small branch, fly and achieve its own business.
2. Goal, destiny.
What kind of goal, what kind of life. Someone did an experiment, put a tiaoshao in a jar and cover it with a transparent lid. He kept beating in the bottle and hit the lid. After several times of hitting the lid, tiaoshao no longer jumps to the height enough to hit the lid. The experimenter took off the lid. Although tiaoshao continued to jump, he would not jump out of the jar. Because tiaoshao has adjusted the height of his jump, and adapt to this situation, no longer change. It's the same with people: what kind of goal is what kind of life. Although many people know what they should do, the limitations of goals restrict their talents. There is also the complacency of the status quo, the lack of struggle and enterprising spirit.
3. Life is a cup.
A professor fills an empty cup with stones, then takes out a box of pebbles and pours them into the cup, and gently shakes the cup to make the pebbles roll into the empty space between the stones. Then the professor takes out a box of sand and pours it into the cup, shakes the cup to make the sand fill all the gaps, and finally pours in water until the water permeates the sand and overflows the edge of the cup. After that, the professor said to the students, "now, I want you to understand this cup as life. The stones in it represent the most important things in life, such as family, partner, health, children, etc., all of which are vital to us, once lost, they will never be made up; pebbles represent the more important things in life, such as work, house, car, etc.; sand represents the daily trivia in life; water represents worry and melancholy. If we put water and sand in the cup first, there is no room for stones and pebbles. "
4. Work is an attitude.
After trying to solve a math problem, Doyle tried to solve the second math problem. After several days of calculation, he finally solved the two math problems. The next day, Dole handed over his homework to the professor. In the morning of the weekend, a knock woke Doyle up. It was the professor who knocked. As soon as the professor saw him, he shouted, "Dole, you have solved it!" Dole said, "yes, isn't that my homework?" the professor told him that these two mathematical problems are two famous problems in the mathematical field, which many famous mathematicians have failed to solve for many years. It can be seen that everyone can achieve extraordinary results without limiting himself, putting aside his inner fear and focusing on meeting various challenges with a highly optimistic attitude.
5. Social, a platform for success.
A boy followed his mother to the grocery store. The boss saw that he was cute, so he opened a can of candy and asked him to take one by himself. But the boy didn't take it, so the boss grabbed a handful of sugar and put it in the boy's pocket. Back home, my mother asked the boy curiously, why don't I go to grab the candy and ask the boss to grab it? The boy said, "because my hand is smaller! And the boss's hand is bigger, so he must take a lot more than I do!" the smart child knows his ability, and what's more, he also knows that others are better than himself. When you can't rely on your own strength in everything, you should learn to rely on the strength of others in time to achieve the results you want. This humility is actually a kind of intelligence.
6. Decompression, happy life.
A little mouse thinks that he is very small and always envies others with low self-esteem. When it saw the sun shining in the sky, it sincerely praised the sun's greatness. The sun said, "when the dark clouds come out, you can't see me." After a while, dark clouds came out to cover the sun. The little mouse praised the greatness of the black cloud again. The black cloud said, "when the wind comes, you will know who is the greatest." A gust of wind blew by and the clouds cleared. The little mouse can't help praising the greatness of the wind, but the wind said, "look at the wall in front of me, I can't blow it!" the praise wall that the little mouse climbed to the wall and admired very much is the greatest in the world. Wall said: "you can stand on my shoulder, you are the greatest!" it can be seen that in this world, as long as you get rid of self abasement and depression, correctly understand your value, and full of confidence in yourself, you can easily face everything. Personal view: to get wealth and happiness, you must have the corresponding personality factors. In short, if you want a rainbow in your life, you must accept the baptism of rain; if you want to get the gold in your life, you must clean up the sand in your life.
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