[Wuhai Yadong] take the work of the unit as one's own 2014-10-11 00:00:00
It's the same to buy a thing. If you spend your own money to buy it, many people will be careful. The goods that go out of their way to argue are better than those of the three. The last thing you buy is better in quality and cheaper in price. If it is to buy things for the unit, many people first think that it may be convenient and convenient. As for the quality and price, it doesn't matter. Anyway, it's not about spending their own money. But as a good executor, he will not divide his own affairs from those of his unit so clearly. On the contrary, they will treat the work of the unit as their own. Once there is such a proactive attitude. Will always be thinking about: how to do better? What needs to be further improved? How to achieve the best results? How to get the maximum benefit with the minimum investment. Not long ago, I just finished reading Wu Ganlin's masterpiece to be the best executor. We have benefited a lot from this book, and have a deeper understanding and understanding of things, people, words and deeds. To be a good executor, we should be positive, have a good mentality, be conscientious and responsible, never deal with it, work hard, and have a mature mind. In this process, to improve the ability of execution, we should pay more attention to the cultivation of the spirit of execution. In any unit, the best person to complete the task is the best executor. In exchange for this is the greatest emphasis and development. Every day, we stick to our posts and perform our duties regardless of the importance. But often some people, when doing work, always have an attitude of muddling along, seeking nothing but merit. Such execution is too mediocre and can never be better. We should always be aware of ourselves: to do it, we must do our best. Keep such a mental attitude, then one day you will mobilize the whole body's mental cells, play unlimited potential, and make things complete. Therefore, execution is a kind of ability, and what is more needed is a kind of spirit. This is the first prerequisite to be a good performer. As a good executor, we should achieve the goal and task without any discount. The methods and methods should be scientific, reasonable, follow-up and careful. It is more important to pay attention to "heart" work. Hard working body and quick mind are the necessary factors to be an executor. Always keep a kind of attitude of active work, focusing on implementation and active self supervision. The most important thing is that as a good executor, we must be honest and resolute, consistent in words and deeds, thoughtful and prudent, prudent and appropriate, responsible and coordinated. In our work, we should also learn to dare to say, dare to do and dare to be appropriate. If we have different opinions, we can put them forward, analyze them together and finally choose the best. It's also a form of teamwork. How to be a "good executor" is undoubtedly to combine individuals and units. If each of us has the ability to be a qualified performer, then the unit's business will naturally become its own. Since we live and work in such a big family, and different things happen every day, there is no reason why we should not seriously and carefully complete our work and work together to improve and build a harmonious and warm big family. In the workplace, it is a standard for a qualified performer to regard the work of an organization as his own. Keep seamless connection with the unit at all times, which is also the responsibility of an employee. The trinity of sense of responsibility, trust and integrity creates outstanding executors. The result is a magnificent scene of vigorous development of the enterprise. Let's work together to create a brilliant new chapter. Wen Xiaofu, comprehensive Department of East Asia, Wuhai
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