[Wuhai Yadong] progress in growth

[Wuhai Yadong] progress in growth

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In order to improve my working ability and combine with the requirements of the current situation of the enterprise, I went to Yadong Chemical Co., Ltd. of Tianjin on July 17, 2014 to study statistics and accounting. After studying, I was deeply touched by my colleagues' enthusiasm and help, and I quickly integrated into the warm working environment of the company.
Statistics and accounting play an irreplaceable role in the daily management of the enterprise. I feel the delicacy and preciseness in the process of learning. The work content is mainly divided into ten major items: 1. Be responsible for monthly wage accounting of production staff. 2. Responsible for monthly output value accounting and raw material demand statistics. 3. Be responsible for the profit and loss accounting and report work of workshop product yield. 4. Be responsible for cost analysis and data accounting of energy consumption points of the whole plant. 5. Responsible for the monthly inventory data summary and accounting of the workshop. 6. Be responsible for the connection with warehouse data at any time. 7. Responsible for product cost accounting and docking with financial data. 8. Strengthen contact with sales office to verify sales price. 9. Strengthen the contact with purchasing, verify the price and quantity of purchasing materials, and determine the quantity and cost locking of producible products. 10. Product profit accounting.
There are many contents and complicated procedures in the work of statistics and accounting. Therefore, Wuhai Yadong needs to be more careful and perfect when completing this work. The main work includes: 1. Make a small summary of the daily workshop consumption, for example: the workshop water meter, gas meter and electricity meter must be recorded every day, communicate with the workshop director to learn the production process of each product, and know the feeding situation of each reactor well, so as to facilitate the inventory at the end of the month; 2. Make a summary of the raw materials used in the production Check with the warehouse. The quantity of products, semi-finished products and finished products shall be recorded in detail during the statistics at the end of the month. Third, the warehouse and the workshop shall be connected to each other to achieve the degree of two departments and one family. The warehouse and warehouse shall be kept consistent, in which, it is necessary to know what kind of raw materials, proportion and time are needed for each batch of products, and keep the consistency of the process at all times. As long as the cost involved in the workshop has a complete flow chart, such as: maintenance, labor protection, water, electricity, coal, to achieve the effect of echo wall.
And every month must produce a production, energy consumption, profit comparison consumption data table. Find out the cause and report it in time.
Before I came to study in Yadong chemical industry, Tianjin, I had some basic statistical knowledge, but it was not systematic or rich enough. Through these decades of study, I suddenly became enlightened, got the basis from the theory, and found the breakthrough point to solve the problem in time. I got a lot of gains. Sister Zhao once told me that each product process in each workshop is different, and each form needs to be adjusted according to the actual situation, but they are all the same and different, which needs to be explored in the work, and every detail needs to be recorded. In particular, in this aspect of accounting, it is necessary to pay attention to the issue of raw materials and the warehousing of finished products of NC software every day (the batch number and date of the NC issue order shall be indicated). If there is any problem in the issue order or picking list, it is necessary to communicate with the workshop director and the warehouse in time to eliminate the problem at the first time, and never delay it, otherwise, the data will be inaccurate when inventory at the end of the month. At the same time, every member of the statistics department is enthusiastic to help me, which makes me feel that there is no gap between Yadong and Wuhai. Although there are differences in region, culture and environment, they are also from Yadong, but there is no gap.
In the process of practice, I learned the composition and main body of statistics and accounting, and I should explore and explore in my work. During my internship, I basically mastered some specific operation details of statistical work and accounting, and understood that this work has the dual nature of honing and responsibility. In order to produce first-class results, I must have a rigorous working state. In the practice of work in school, I understand the real connotation of meticulous.
Yan Hongjia, comprehensive Department of East Asia, Wuhai

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