[Wuhai] Li Guorui, manager of Wuhai Yadong -- a letter to colleagues of the headquarters and subsidiaries of Yadong group

[Wuhai] Li Guorui, manager of Wuhai Yadong -- a letter to colleagues of the headquarters and subsidiaries of Yadong group

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Dear leaders and colleagues
How do you do! The cold air flow can not stop the pace of the development of Yadong group, and the cold wind can not stop our enthusiasm for the rapid construction of Wuhai Yadong project. The winter of 2014 ushered in the grand scene of Ya Dong group blooming in all directions, with exciting results. First of all, on behalf of all staff of Wuhai Yadong, I would like to congratulate the successful trial operation of New Asia MVR sewage treatment project, and wish Tianjin Yadong and New Asia new projects a smooth progress. On the basis of stable production, we wish the two factories to surpass last year's achievements, smoothly realize enterprise transformation and upgrading, and jointly build "prosperous" Yadong.
The construction site of Wuhai Yadong project is in full swing, and we always remember our mission and responsibilities. At present, all the supporting facilities projects are advancing according to the plan. Although there are some difficulties in the process, they are supported by the spirit and details of "Yadong people" for more than 20 years, with the continuous attention and guidance of each director of the group, which ensures that we can carry out the project construction work closely around the development plan of the group. For this reason, we will continue to work hard to overcome difficulties and put the project into production as soon as possible.
At the same time of the construction of Wuhai Yadong project, the personnel and post training mechanism was launched. According to the trial production plan, Wuhai Yadong will successively assign various personnel to study and practice in various brother units, so that the Wuhai Yadong people can understand the operation environment and process of Yadong in time, and ensure the connection of job responsibilities after the production of Wuhai Yadong. I hope that in the process of internship, employees of Wuhai Yadong will be strict with themselves, actively and seriously learn professional knowledge and skills, absorb the essence of brother companies, inherit and carry forward specific knowledge and skills of Yadong and Xinya, and put into formal work as soon as possible. At the same time, for their "masters", Wuhai Yadong hopes that everyone will make strict demands on them in their work, try their best to help and take care of them in their life, create a good atmosphere for the family of Yadong, gradually inherit the culture accumulated in Yadong over the past 20 years to them, and bring it to Wuhai for further development.
The construction and development of Wuhai Yadong will earnestly study the entrepreneurship of Tianjin Yadong, Tianjin Longxing and Inner Mongolia Xinya colleagues, and realize the new leap of Yadong production plant. For the development of Wuhai Yadong, the group has set up a "Northwest procurement team" and planned business, logistics and other personnel positions. For this, Longxing company has dispatched excellent personnel to settle in Wuhai Yadong, which is the confidence and pride of Wuhai Yadong. Although it is the construction period at present, there is no worry about the supply of raw materials after production, which makes Wuhai Yadong well prepared.
On behalf of all employees of Wuhai Yadong, I would like to thank the director of the group for his support, Tianjin Yadong, Inner Mongolia Xinya and Tianjin Longxing brothers for their help. With you, we can feel the strength and warmth, have the courage to build Wuhai Yadong, and have you to enable the people of Wuhai Yadong to have spiritual sustenance and be bold. Therefore, I would like to pay tribute to my colleagues in Yadong, Longxing and Xinya, Inner Mongolia. We will engrave your efforts in the development history of Yadong, Wuhai. At the same time, the east gate of Wuhai is always open to you, waiting for your brothers and sisters to come.
In a word, the construction and development of Wuhai Yadong is inseparable from the excellent system and ideas inherited by the group for many years, the teaching and operation guidance of the group's leadership experience, and the assistance and support of various brother units. As a member of the Yadong family, I am willing to work with you to build corporate wealth and share the achievements of corporate struggle. Each of our employees has spent and witnessed the years of passion burning in the development of the enterprise, and has successively made achievements in the home of Yadong. We need to continue to dedicate ourselves to the cause of Yadong, respect and love the factory, take the factory as our home, and realize the perfect integration of self and enterprise spirit. I will be with you in Wuhai and Yadong! I hope that leaders and colleagues will continue to support the development of Wuhai Yadong as always, and work together to create the development miracle of Yadong group!
Wuhai Yadong Manager
Li Guorui

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