The plus sign in doing other people's work

The plus sign in doing other people's work

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To understand oneself is to understand life
Life is like a book. Life is like a scenery, you can't see it all
We always read others' pride and happiness unconsciously. Reading others can't see how much weight you have, exaggerating your advantages without reason or being extremely depressed and pessimistic
There was a saying in ancient times that "when reading, one should reflect on oneself". The more we read the shortcomings of others, the more we should reflect on ourselves and read ourselves in order to learn from each other's strengths and make up for their weaknesses so that we do not make the same funny mistakes as others.
People have always advocated reading, reading good books, but rarely mentioned to read their own. It's not easy to see others. It's even harder to understand yourself. However, a man who can read himself is a gentleman in mind.
People have a pair of eyes, born to see the world and read others. To see yourself, you can only see one side of yourself in the mirror, which is also hazy and untrue. When interpreting oneself, there are often many people who always wear "magnifying glass" to enlarge their advantages infinitely; for shortcomings, they prefer to wear a pair of sunglasses to blur and erase them. At this time, the most frequently used method is "self deception". People who are unwilling to analyze themselves will never understand themselves
People who do not know themselves love to put themselves in beautiful bubbles, even though they are simply not able to hide what they are. Because, dare not read their own people, the first is not willing to face the real themselves.
People who don't understand themselves often complain about themselves, lead to laziness from extreme, turn from impulse to depression, and blame all the unhappiness on objective things. With their own body and name to inlay the landscape of life, but there is a lot of sadness and sigh in the landscape
Read only others do not read their own people, doomed to stay away from success. Even if you are willing to read yourself occasionally, it may not be accurate. That living real you, hiding behind the success and failure, only to calm down and touch the collision with your heart!
In short, a person can read others only after he knows himself first, and then he can read others to read the world. You can ask yourself, when you read others, whether you have your own point of view, whether you have a right or wrong answer? At this time you have read yourself. Because you have used your own moral standards to measure others. The accuracy of the answer depends entirely on your awareness.
There is a saying that "a spectator can see clearly, and a spectator can be confused.". That is to say, people often put themselves in a specific environment and can't see themselves clearly, which requires us to always treat others as a mirror, communicate with them, and be good at listening to their instructions, so as to better make ourselves close to success! And the people who are not good at even dare not interpret themselves are always separated from the real themselves by a thick wall, which is a great sorrow! Because people who can't read themselves don't have a clear scale to understand others and measure the world.
In fact, it's hard to understand yourself, and even harder to build a good self. In my heart, to understand myself is to shape myself with pure heart. To understand yourself is to constantly talk with yourself, to get over with yourself, to summarize the lessons of failure when you succeed, and to find out the experience of success when you fail. Only by keeping a rational mind can we read the world more rationally and comprehensively.
Only those who understand themselves can truly understand the big book of life, because the author of this book is himself and the reader is himself.
Wang Jing, General Department of Xinya company

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