[Xinya] go your own way

[Xinya] go your own way

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There is a story that goes like this: a man passes through a swamp, he tries hard twice, can he walk or not, and finally chooses a road, and then he falls in half. Another person, he saw other people's footprints, so he walked on others' footprints, and he fell down again. Another person, he also saw other people choose this road, he also walked, and the result was the same.
Every time I see this joke, I want to laugh. Why don't they believe in their own ideas and find their own way.
Some people always pursue the trend and imitate the popular things in the society, but they neglect their personality. Imitation is only a good imitation, not a good one. I think it's beautiful to have your own personality. If you see that other people's clothes match well, you will wear them. Even if it doesn't suit you at all, it's someone else's business. It doesn't mean that you will also look good. Maybe on the contrary, it will lead to a joke of "acting like a frown".
Have you heard a word? You are the designer of your destiny. No one can control your destiny except you. When we are difficult to make a decision about something, we always listen to others' opinions. Maybe others are kind, but it's up to you to decide if you don't listen, because the decision is always in your hands. If you have a definite goal, don't waver. Go on resolutely. Even if others advise you in three times, the condition for doing so must be the right thing.
Take your own road, firm and beautiful ideals. Bill Gates, the richest man in the world, once studied in the University, but he was not satisfied with the knowledge of the University, so he decided to walk on his own way of life for the ideal in his heart. He began to engage in the research and development of computers. Over the years, he never regretted it or wanted to give up, because this was his firm ideal. It was because of this persistence that he accumulated so much wealth and reputation and became a master respected by everyone. It can be seen that the ideal is not to say casually, but to pay for it in the actual action, so that there is no regret on the road of life.
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