[Yadong] manage your temper well, increase your positive energy

[Yadong] manage your temper well, increase your positive energy

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With the growth of age and experience, everyone needs to know how to manage their emotions, so as to avoid misjudgment in work. Some suggestions on how to control bad mood and analyze and solve problems from an objective point of view.
1、 Think about the consequences
Think about the consequences of everything. Don't talk about things blindly. You need to know that your dissatisfaction and grievance will make things worse. The best way is to discuss and analyze the matter. In the face of a matter, first of all, we should learn to analyze the causes and consequences calmly, and there will always be ways to overcome them.
2、 Transposition thinking
Psychological transposition, that is, to think about problems from the perspective of the other party and exchange roles and positions with others. As the saying goes, "heart to heart." Through psychological transposition and acting as other people's role, we can experience other people's emotions and thoughts, which is conducive to prevent the generation of bad emotions and eliminate the bad emotions that have been generated. When there is friction in the work, we can think about it from the other side's perspective, and we may feel that the other side's behavior is justifiable. In this way, the bad mood will weaken or even disappear.
3、 Pay attention to the occasion
Occasion can decide what kind of attitude a person uses to deal with and face problems, so there is no room for maneuver in expressing anger in a formal occasion. Make more use of informal occasions to express and communicate, so that their image is not damaged, but also to maintain each other's dignity.
Wang Ningning, general manager office of the group

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