On the refined development of enterprises

On the refined development of enterprises

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Title: the refinement of Yadong has been carried out in a state of flux. It has not retreated. It has to keep moving forward, summing up experience in the direction of moving forward.
Yadong plant has a history of 27 years. It has been described in a long history. It has developed from a small plant with no reputation to an enterprise with three plants and one company. Only after a lot of ups and downs can it be a landmark enterprise.
With the development of society, we feel the increasingly tense atmosphere in the enterprise, and more and more feel our own problems. We need to change the extensive type of the enterprise into the fine type.
Tianjin Yadong has 431 employees and an annual output of about 20000 tons. Through the comparison of annual data, Yadong is booming, but our original joy is shocked by this trip to Korea: This is a Korean dye enterprise with a history of 37 years, with only 99 employees in the factory, but its annual output is comparable to ours, from production to packaging integration Complete, see their advanced technology and staffing with our factory has a significant contrast. This is the crisis brought by refined management. We ask ourselves what is refined management? How to implement delicacy better is worth pondering for every employee in Yadong. Literally, delicacy management is based on the intangible, indivisible, changeable and non storable characteristics of management, using tangible, skilled, differentiated, relational, standardized and other service tools to achieve the key objectives, commitments, displays, processes, results and so on of enterprise management Control the management elements at all times to achieve the service tangible, concerned, reliable, responsive, guaranteed and other customer satisfaction effects. But because of the rapid development of society and the fine development of the current society, it has been "five fine and four fine", that is, essence (culture, technology, intelligence), quintessence (the essence of management, the master of management essence), boutique (quality, brand), proficient (Expert managers and employees), precision (all kinds of management, production relations are linked orderly, precise), and subdivided objects, subdivision functions and Posts, detailed breakdown of each specific work, detailed management system of each implementation link. "Fine" can be interpreted as better, better, and better; and "fine" can be interpreted as more specific, close knit, and generous. The most basic characteristics of fine management are to pay attention to details, process, concrete, implementation, quality and effect, focus on doing everything well and strive for the best in every detail.
From this perspective, the transformation trend of refined management in Yadong is foreseen, and the four principles are defined: refinement, integration, continuity, and integration. Refinement is the first to bear the brunt. The integration of three plants into one, the continuous product process, and the comprehensive combination of resource allocation of three plants. The refined development trend of Yadong has no way back and no end. There is an undeniable short board between products and foreign countries, but we have no other choice to retreat. We have to move forward and move forward, which determines the fate of the enterprise. We must rise to a higher level, not blindly, and have quality connotation. However, Yadong has a history of 27 years, of which concepts and habits are the most difficult to change. So for Yadong, fine management is the project of peeling, which must meet the requirements of fine management in the next five years, and the goal is to connect with the world. It is a short process, but there is no effective management and control is empty, so we must pay great attention to it.
The existing management constitution of Yadong needs to be questioned, and the thinking should be opened without restriction, so as to carry out effective transformation. We should take our own hardware seriously, carve it carefully, and strive for perfection around the topic, workshop, organization and project. Focus on design, win in execution, and the core foundation is people. Set up a long-term goal, with logical thinking, people-oriented goal.
This fine management should be repeatedly verified and the results of repeated verification questioned, so as to achieve a high standard of no leakage. In the work, we should have a clear division of labor, and always think, communicate and communicate with each other. To establish a new scheme and model, gradually promote, dare to question the financial data, whether there is waste, and divide each department personnel into specific posts, strengthen awareness; and around the advantages of the direct dye industry chain to design fine chemicals, have courage and courage! To achieve the four most: the most complete products, the most refined quality, the lowest cost, the best service.
Now the realistic goal of Yadong is to make the direct dyes the best, the largest and the most complete! Failure can be tolerated during growth! Lessons learned! Come again! Be brave! Move your brain! To standardize and rationalize every detail and step should respect science.
Yan Hongjia, General Department of Yadong company

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