[Yadong] helmet knowledge

[Yadong] helmet knowledge

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In the process of production, the damage of fallen objects and the meeting of operators often happen. Due to the sudden occurrence of accidents, operators usually have no time to avoid. In the event of an accident, the possibility of head injury is the greatest. Once the head is impacted by external force, it may cause serious injury such as brain oscillation, intracranial hemorrhage, meningeal contusion, skull injury and so on, resulting in human dysfunction. The minor may cause disability and injury, and the serious may endanger human life. Therefore, all operators in the work site must wear safety helmets.
What is a helmet:
The hat that can protect the head from external force and the injury caused by specific factors is called safety helmet. The utility model is composed of a cap shell, a cap lining, a jaw belt and other accessories.
Protection function of safety helmet:
The protection function of the utility model is: when the head of the operating personnel is hit by an external force, the elastic deformation, plastic deformation of the cap shell, cap liner, material and the buffer structure set, and the advantage of the allowable structural damage are used to absorb and decompose most of the impact force, so as to protect the head of the operating personnel from injury or reduce the degree of injury.
How to use and protect safety helmet: improper wearing of safety helmet will lead to failure of protection when it is impacted. According to the statistics of relevant departments, 15% of the accidents caused by falling objects are caused by improper use of safety helmets. Therefore, it can not be simply considered that the head will not be injured as long as the helmet is put on. The following problems should be paid attention to during use:
1. Before use, the appearance of the safety helmet shall be checked to see if there are cracks, bruises, bumps, abrasions, if the liner is complete and if the liner structure is in normal condition. If there are obvious defects on the helmet that affect its performance, it should be scrapped in time to avoid affecting the protective effect.
2. Users are not allowed to remove or add accessories on the helmet at will, so as to avoid affecting its original protective performance.
3. The user can not adjust the size of the cap liner at will, which will directly affect the protective performance of the helmet. Once the falling object impact occurs, the helmet will fall out due to not wearing firmly or directly hurt the wearer due to touching the top after impact.
4. When using, the wearer must wear the helmet correctly and firmly, without shaking. The lower jaw belt shall be fastened, and after adjustment, the hoop shall be tightened to prevent the helmet from falling off.
5. It is not allowed to drill holes on the helmet without permission, do not collide with the helmet at will, and do not seat the helmet as a bench to avoid affecting its strength.
6. The safety helmet that has undergone one impact or test shall be discarded and cannot be used again.
7. The safety helmet shall not be stored in the environment polluted by acid, alkali or chemical reagent, and shall not be placed in the place with high temperature, sunshine or humidity, so as to avoid aging and deterioration.
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