Adon in my eyes

Adon in my eyes

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For work, everyone has a different definition in mind. In the time when I came to work in Yadong, I found that work is not only to create products, but also to give time meaning and enrich our time.
Charles baxton said: "experience shows that success is more due to enthusiasm than ability. The winner is the one who dedicates his body and soul to work. " When I first came out of the campus, I came to Yadong with a student atmosphere. Before that, I had no working experience. I couldn't really understand what Charles said, let alone my parents who worked for decades.
It's nearly two months since I came to work in Yadong. Maybe it's the reason why I never took part in the work. I don't know how to express my feelings at this time. Two months ago, my new girl was at a loss in the face of her "familiar and unfamiliar" environment. Yadong means a lot to me. She is a good friend, embracing my youth and ignorance. She is a good teacher, pointing out the direction for me. In the past two months, under the care and leadership of leaders and colleagues, I quickly entered into a working state. My working principle is to turn work into fun and fun into work. With my best efforts, I will contribute my humble efforts to the company.
If I talk about my work outlook from the perspective of a young man who just joined the work, it will inevitably seem ridiculous, but as a member of Yadong, I will work hard to make up for my shortcomings and be hard-working, which is the most perfect interpretation of this hard-earned work. I am an astringent person, and the power and influence that Yadong brings to me is beyond expression. Starting from our militarized management, I can't remember the flag raising ceremony every Monday, and I gather every morning to convey the safety education thought. Although I can't remember that I knew it a few years ago or more than a decade ago, I still can't help but be moved by my personal experience. I'm moved by the leaders and employees of Yadong and the care of each employee of Yadong.
There is a kind of humble work that is endured with the spirit of perseverance. The lowest things tend to point to the highest goals. ——Shakespeare
Yadong can have a brilliant today, is the efforts of every leader and every employee in exchange. As Shakespeare said, it is extraordinary to do small things well. In our work, we adhere to the principle of "see the fine in the details" and "see the big in the small", do our work conscientiously and contribute our own strength to the company.
Xu Feifei, general manager office of the group

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