[Yadong] Yadong's "clean production" has entered a new level

[Yadong] Yadong's "clean production" has entered a new level

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"Clean production" is an unprecedented industrial revolution. Its emergence is a fundamental change of industrial pollution control strategy.
"Clean production" is a new pollution prevention strategy, and also a production mode combining industry and environmental protection. With a view to using the means of source reduction and recycling, the previous pollution end treatment is turned to reduce or eliminate pollution in the process of production to consumption, which includes clean energy, clean production process and clean products.
On the issue of "clean production", Yadong company has done a lot of work and preparation, especially in the control of process water, Yadong has spent a lot of manpower and material resources, and spent a lot of money to establish MVR high-end water treatment device.
The control process of process water is as follows: firstly, the sewage discharged from the production of the company's workshop is collected to the designated area, treated by MVR, to generate distilled water and refined salt, which can be recycled by the workshop, forming a circular economy at the same time, turning the waste produced in the previous production process into the raw material of the next production process, so that a series of interconnected production processes can realize the organic ring-shaped Combination, into almost no waste production. This is a kind of economic growth mode that can save resources to the greatest extent and improve the utilization rate of resources to the greatest extent. Based on the theory of sustainable development of circular economy, the project forms a closed chain of circular industries through the metabolism and symbiosis between industries to realize the purpose of resource conservation and environmental improvement. This measure enables Yadong company to achieve zero discharge of industrial sewage and improve the surrounding environment.
For the workshop clean production of Yadong company, in addition to controlling the process water, we have also done the following work, especially the environmental transformation of the comprehensive workshop:
The ice maker is being installed in the comprehensive workshop of Yadong company
1、 Ice maker installation project
Most of our products require low temperature reaction, so the amount of ice used is very large. There are more than ten ice trucks delivering ice every day, so the labor intensity is very high. Especially in summer, the ice melts very fast, causing considerable economic losses to the company. According to the actual situation, the company made a timely decision to invest and purchase a set of ice machine equipment of Fujian Snowman Co., Ltd., which was installed in the comprehensive workshop in August and is currently in the commissioning stage. The ice flakes produced by the ice maker can be directly transported to the reaction kettle through the closed pipeline, which can fundamentally reduce the labor intensity of the employees. The annual cost can be saved up to 1.2 million yuan, and the total investment can be recovered two years later. This fully reflects the cost advantage.
2、 Migration of aniline black filter tank:
Aniline black product is one of the pillar products of Yadong. During the production process, dozens of filter tanks are needed for filtration. It is located in the comprehensive workshop, covering a large area and seriously polluting the internal environment during the operation. In August, it was decided to move the filter tank out to make an important step for cleaner production in the workshop.
3、 Joint renovation of pipe network and line network
Yadong company was founded in 1988, and the construction of pipe network is relatively early. With the continuous renewal of Yadong products, its load is more and more heavy. It is not exaggeration to describe the above pipes as "airtight". In August, the company organized the safety technology department and the power department to conduct a thorough carding of the pipe network, from "airtight" to "orderly", and carried out a thorough "load reduction" for the pipe network.
4、 Workshop management details upgrade
Yadong company resolutely implements the "7S" management concept proposed by president Zhao, and carries out a series of detailed management for the company. The implementation of hardware warehouse management system in Yadong is very successful. It has been well controlled from "purchase" to "use". The company has formed a good atmosphere of "Thrift" from top to bottom.
Due to the large variety and output of dyestuffs produced by Yadong, the use of raw materials is very large. At present, more than 25000 plastic bags are consumed every month. The traditional knife is used to cut the mouth. The packaging bags are seriously damaged. What's more, a lot of plastic fragments are directly mixed into our products. The customer has fed back many times and the workshop has carried out several rectification, but the continuity is very poor. In view of this phenomenon, we have formulated relevant plans and measures to change part of the products into ton bag packaging. For the raw materials of small packaging used in the workshop, we have to use the method of manual stripping and classify them, recycle them uniformly and recycle some of them. In this way, not only the utilization rate of packaging bags is improved, the pollution of products is reduced, but also the quality of products is improved.
5、 Workshop circuit cleaning and troubleshooting
This month, Yadong carried out a deep cleaning and troubleshooting of the circuit in the workshop, replaced the aging circuit, and conducted a test jump of the leakage protector in use. The troubleshooting is operated by safety technology department, supervised by workshop and department, and signed by workshop director and department head after the test, so as to achieve the work style of "everyone does everything, the environment has supervision", and ensure the safety of employees' electricity use.
"Ensure safety, care for life, people-oriented" is the general policy of our company's safety, which reminds us that we should not ignore the existence of potential safety hazards while working hard. Safety production is an important work of company management, especially for Yadong company, the realization of safety production lies in the shaping and cultivation of safety awareness. The company has made certain achievements in safety production management, which is inseparable from our adherence to strengthening safety responsibility, deepening hidden danger investigation, strict supervision and strengthening safety publicity and education. The company has always adhered to the implementation of the goal of safety production knowledge training for all employees, requiring that every employee can receive safety education and training.
"Only through continuous review and revision can we continue to improve and upgrade."
The management cadres of Yadong company regularly go to the workshop every day for troubleshooting. If there is any potential safety hazard, the problem must be solved at the first time. The safety education before taking up the post every morning is like a day for decades without any obstacles. During this period, the company actively implemented the "7S" management spirit, reclassified the use of each placed article, removed the waste articles, and made the plant more tidy and comfortable.
This is not only conducive to the improvement of the company's visibility, but also strengthens the loyalty and trust of employees in the factory.
Yadong company should not only do a good job in clean production, but also do the following work:
1. Promote the improvement of the overall quality of the company: prevent the negative influence inside the company in an all-round and all-round way, and promote the improvement of the company's management level and the quality of all employees.
2. Improve the competitiveness of the company: "good quality, low cost, good product" is the basis of product competition. Good environment and no pollution contribute to a good image of the company. This intangible asset can increase consumers' trust in the company's products, which is undoubtedly beneficial for the products to occupy market share.
3. Create a good environment for the company's survival and development: actively do a good job in the production and operation of MVR, the operation of MVR is related to the company's survival and development, and the problems caused by wastewater treatment are the major bottleneck of the economic development of Yadong in the past 26 years. Now with the completion of MVR project, it will eventually break, and its birth will make the company's survival and development enter a new era.
4. To avoid and reduce the risk of environmental pollution: the prevention awareness of the whole staff, good prevention facilities, strict system and strict control can reduce the occurrence of sudden major pollution accidents and avoid the conflict of end treatment.
5. Improve the production and living environment of employees: improve the production, operation and living environment of employees, which is conducive to their physical and mental health.
All employees of Yadong company are greeting a new day with a new look!
Li Xinyong, Zhang Baowen, he Huaying

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