[Yadong] on site display of "refined management upgrade"

[Yadong] on site display of "refined management upgrade"

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The work of "fine management upgrading" is proceeding in a tense and orderly manner. From the initial demonstration workshop with six workshops to the comprehensive fine management upgrading work, each step is steady and steady, laying a solid foundation, fully mobilizing the enthusiasm of grass-roots management cadres and employees, and all the staff participate in the fine work, so as to achieve the unity of thought, consciousness and action.
As an old enterprise with the 27th anniversary of its development, it is easy to change its concept on paper, easy to say on the mouth, but very difficult to do. It is a difficult and painful choice to change the fixed thinking mode that has been formed for a long time. The change of the concept of middle-level and grass-roots managers is the most important thing promoted by refined management. First of all, from the middle-level management consciousness unification, through the meeting form, the forum form, the refined group discussion form and so on, each middle-level management personnel is included in the refined group, as a member of the refined group, to enhance the sense of responsibility, the sense of mission, and the sense of ownership. After that, the consciousness of the grass-roots management personnel changes, so that the grass-roots management personnel fully participate in the fine promotion work, respect the opinions put forward by the grass-roots management personnel, and in the promotion process, the middle-level management personnel and the management department do the ideological work in various ways. So far, the fine management has promoted the awareness of the managers at the middle and basic level, which plays an important and basic supporting role in promoting the fine management.
In this stage, the work focuses on promoting the preparation of the detailed rules for the assessment of on-site placement of articles, explaining in detail by the members of the refinement team on site, so that they can understand the objectives and requirements of the placement of articles, and then each workshop section plans the completion time according to its own specific work, and reports it to the refinement team for acceptance. This preparation took more than 20 days, and the first trial assessment was carried out on the 24th. According to the assessment results, the first and last grassroots managers were rewarded and punished accordingly. For the last and hard to push section, the refinement group will make key detailed explanation and requirements, so as to improve the overall refinement pushing quality. Set Monday as the assessment day of "on site goods placement assessment", and publicize the weekly and monthly inspection results in the canteen. Each refinement team member should have a pair of eye-catching eyes in the on-site assessment, actively find problems, must be able to see problems and dare to put forward problems. During this period, each section competes with each other. The words and ideas of "I'll do better than you" and "I'll catch up with some section" reflect a kind of situation and spirit of refusing to lag behind, which is the embodiment of positive energy.
In order to maintain the on-site environment and the implementation of daily process system, the "surprise inspection and assessment mechanism" is specially established. "No problem is the biggest problem". The management department drives the middle and grass-roots management cadres to find problems in-depth practical work, and stops the problems in the embryonic stage.
Fine management is a long-term work. At different stages, there are different plans and policies. We need to change the blundering, superficial and half way problems. We advocate that everything should be refined, and small things should be done carefully, precisely and practically. Through the fine management value-added and effective, we must establish the fine operation mechanism, improve the fine management system, and implement the fine functional management. Set up the concept of careful arrangement, accurate decision, smart management, careful calculation, detailed objectives, detailed responsibilities, meticulous work and attention to details. We advocate macro correct, clear responsibility, accurate measures, precise details of the work style, intensive cultivation, do enough fine, and strive for the promotion of our brand and efficiency.
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Xue Xinghui

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