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[commentator's article] the role and potential of early meeting in operation management

[commentator's article] the role and potential of early meeting in operation management

[commentator's article] the role and potential of early meeting in operation management

(Summary description)Wuhai Yadong investment and construction is a new pioneering work for the 26th anniversary of Yadong's development. It embodies president Zhao's ideal of industrial planning and the vision and strength of Yadong team to unite and fight hard.

Wuhai Yadong investment and construction is a new pioneering work for the 26th anniversary of Yadong's development. It embodies president Zhao's ideal of industrial planning and the vision and strength of Yadong team to unite and fight hard.
Wuhai Yadong investment project has been signed in Wuhai municipal government since August 15, 2013. The project will become an important production base of Yadong fine chemicals in the western region. Since the ground breaking on April 5, 2014, the construction of the project is not smooth, and the terrain complexity is much more serious than expected; the planning scheme is revised while the construction is being carried out; the hardware facilities in the park are not complete, which brings great challenges to the implementation of the project. Up to now, many issues have been successfully solved, civil engineering and equipment ordering and installation have been in full swing, and various pre-processing procedures have been implemented, with frequent reports.
The project has been highly recognized by the district and municipal governments and the leaders of the autonomous region, with a very high evaluation and high expectation for the development of Yadong. Achievements are attributed to the following:
1、 The development of the enterprise is related to the people of Yadong.
(1) General manager Zhao has rich experience and great ambition for the industrial layout and development planning of the enterprise, with clear planning and grand strategy;
(2) 26 years corporate culture and centripetal force are the cornerstone and carrier to meet the challenge;
(3) To start a business again inspires the enthusiasm of the team, braves the hardships and dare to fight hard battles. It can be said that there is consensus and resonance.
2、 The early regular meeting of East Asia in Wuhai has become an important platform to promote project construction and solve problems.
(1) Under the leadership of the group, the project department and the management department are seamlessly connected, calmly coping with various challenges, conscientiously carrying out various works, and adhering to the essence of "strict, detailed, practical and constant" Yadong. Every day, the main personnel of all departments insist on attending the "morning meeting", focusing on group requirements, safety management, construction layout, department construction, personnel management, outreach matters, capital requirements, settlement specifications, material plans, etc., to formulate targeted implementation plans is a valuable experience for the rapid progress of project construction quality assurance!
(2) The progress of Wuhai Yadong project is urgent. Because there are many buildings, large areas, many departments, many units, different labor division details and responsibilities, plus frequent cross operations, frequent communication and coordination issues, it is difficult to gather necessary personnel together from time to time without delaying the normal work of site construction.

The project director and wuhaidong management department have long been aware of the constraints of this problem. For this reason, an early meeting will be held since the day of automatic work, and attend on time at 7:30 every day. All key post managers will attend the meeting, focus on reporting the implementation of yesterday's work, and arrange the tasks of the day. At the same time, report the problems and problems in the docking process, involving the Department's brainstorming, and set the plan on the spot if you can confirm the ideas. After the meeting, each of them shall take his own responsibility and supervise the implementation. In addition to the overall control of the project progress, the meeting can also gather all the people's matters together for consultation and settlement, so as to avoid many problems such as incomplete consideration, one-sided measures, low efficiency of communication and coordination, inadequate decision-making of some posts, delay of construction period caused by repeated construction, etc.

Take the site road leveling as an example. Due to the large area of slotting in the plant area at present, if the road is not repaired in time, there will be problems in personnel walking, vehicle driving, feeding and discharging, equipment entry, earthwork and garbage transportation, and even some areas will have no road to go. If this matter is not handled, the overall project schedule will be delayed. Therefore, after negotiation at the early meeting, the plan was finally determined. Feng luting was in charge of road leveling. The project department, power department, safety and environment department and equipment management department cooperated actively. The project department was in charge of the vehicles, power department was in charge of the on-site line and pipeline planning, and the equipment management department was in charge of the equipment movement and displacement in the area, and assigned the time for each department to work on road leveling There are times when there is a master. At every point, every line and every area is under the control of someone. Someone catches it and coordinates it. The road leveling work is carried out smoothly without any delay or conflict. The leaders are satisfied with the task progress speed of multi department, multi unit and multi aspect coordination. In addition, in the early regular meeting, the problems of cross operation of equipment installation and civil engineering construction, installation and maintenance scheme of on-site facilities, equipment manufacturing and civil engineering construction progress, etc. were solved for many times, and problems were listened to in all aspects, problems were solved in all directions, and project construction was promoted in a planned and orderly way. In the east of Wuhai Yadong, the early meeting has become an important platform to solve the construction problems on site.
1、 "Morning and weekly meetings" become a landscape for enterprises
Many large-scale catering and entertainment stores adopt the early regular meeting, early assembly and other modes, with colorful contents and unique features. As far as Yadong and Xinya are concerned, they always adhere to the principle of gathering early every day, holding a solemn flag raising ceremony on Monday every week, and inspiring every employee to radiate team consciousness. It is a good platform for propaganda and education, and has become a beautiful scenic spot for the enterprise.
2、 "Early and weekly meetings" become an important way for enterprises to promote management
A fast-growing enterprise is bound to be an enterprise that attaches great importance to management, and grass-roots management is the most important part of which. Only by doing a good job in basic management, solving specific issues, arranging and discussing key work, can the foundation of an enterprise be solid and the team cohesion be stronger. The "morning and weekly regular meeting" system is an important venue for basic management. It spreads the corporate culture through meetings, constrains behaviors and changes ideas, cultivates the guiding ability of the management, and creates a good communication environment. Continuously supervise and implement the specific work, continuously promote and improve the quality of the whole company.
In particular, some work gradually smooth, meeting content is not fresh, easy to make people feel boring and formalized. The most important thing is persistence and practicality. This has a far-reaching significance for the operation and management of enterprises.


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