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About Us


Tianjin Yadong Group signed an investment agreement with the Hainan District Government of Wuhai City in October 2013 to establish a Wuhai Yadong branch to build a naphthalene series product project. The project covers an area of 250,000 square meters, with a total investment of 1.3 billion yuan, and is now fully operational. At the same time, it has formed a typical and complete comprehensive industrial chain from "coal-coking-naphthalene-2-naphthol-multi-variety intermediates-multi-variety dyes" with surrounding enterprises, and becomes a naphthalene product manufacturing base, which can produce products without leaving the park. High value-added refined end products to achieve a win-win situation.


While our company is constructing, developing, and producing, its R&D center is recognized as an "Autonomous Region Enterprise Research and Development Center" by the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.


Our company will adhere to the corporate development philosophy of "safety is life, environmental protection is heaven" and "development and innovation" as the guiding ideology to create a resource-saving and environmentally-friendly sustainable development enterprise.

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