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Tianjin Yadong Group is a Hi-Tech Enterprise, which is dedicated to research, development and production of fine chemicals. It govern Tianjin Yadong Chemical Co.,Ltd, Neimenggu Xinya Chemical Co.,Ltd, Neimenggu Wuhai Yadong Fine Chemical Co.,Ltd., Tianjin Yadong Longxin International Limited, and Shanghai Sunrise International Limited. Our main products are top grade direct dyestuff......



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  • [headquarters] experience of visiting Korea
    On August 27, Mr. Zhao and Mr. Liu of Yadong group led a team of nine people from marketing, production, technology, quality inspection and application team to a Korean enterprise for a four-day visit and study. Through the visit to the production plant and R & D center of the enterprise, the first impression is that the technology is advanced, the management is standardized, the degree of automation is high, there is a deep technical background and cultural connotation, and the feeling is quite deep. The company's four factories have an annual production capacity of 20000 tons, and have high-end equipment such as dyno mill, R.O. system, spray dryer, Nauta mixer, automatic packing system, etc. His laboratory configuration is in the leading position in the world, and the accuracy of test data is recognized by SGS general testing company (one of the peripheral cooperation laboratories of SGS company). It has a good channel of dye market collection and quality analysis, and ISO9001 quality management system is used in the process management of production, quality, purchase channel and sales channel, all of which are at the world's leading level. All aspects are worthy of our reference and learning. First of all, we visited KISCO (dye production plant), covering an area of 17557 square meters, with an annual output of 20000 tons of dye (covering an area and production capacity slightly smaller than that of Yadong), but the whole plant has only 94 employees. Once entering the factory, the first feeling is that this is not a dye processing factory, there is no trace of dye, no smell, no dust, no noise. The ground of the whole plant area is clean and there is no littering phenomenon. All kinds of garbage are collected in different bins (even the outside of the bins is clean), and the articles are stacked neatly and reasonably. The ton bins are placed horizontally and vertically. The configuration of the automatic warehouse is very high, all of which are operated by computer. Which products need to be delivered out of the warehouse, operated on the computer, and output automatically at once, greatly reducing the intensity of manual control. The layout of the production workshop (without visiting the large tonnage production workshop) is also compact and reasonable, with high space utilization rate, spotless working environment, clean and tidy employees, and complete labor protection equipment. The equipment is highly automated, the instruments and meters are used soundly, and the operation instructions and operation account are placed in the designated position. Drying section, the whole drying section is also computer operation, with high degree of automation, strict control of moisture, temperature and time. After visiting KISCO, the overall impression is that the layout of the whole production workshop and equipment is compact and reasonable, and the space utilization rate is very high. The overall assembly line operation process of dye from production to drying, standardization, packaging and warehousing is highly automated, which effectively reduces the manual transfer and handling links, greatly reduces the number of manual use and labor intensity of workers, and avoids the plant environment Environmental pollution. The rational layout of this dye production and scientific management ideas are valuable experiences for the reconstruction and upgrading of Tianjin Yadong plant and the construction layout of Wuhai Yadong new project. The equipment of the laboratory has reached the world-class level. Both quality inspection and application are equipped with a variety of advanced testing instruments, with a professional testing team. From the analysis of raw materials entering the factory, the production control in the workshop, the quality analysis of finished products, and the product analysis of the application department, both of them are equipped with gas chromatography detection and liquid chromatography detection. Compared with the traditional analysis methods still used in our factory, the accuracy and stability of the detection and monitoring data of this enterprise are high. In order to improve the stability of products, the first thing we need to do is to ensure the stability of raw materials. In terms of intermediate raw materials, not only the traditional testing methods of Yadong company are backward, but also some standard and standard data and testing items in the industry are out of line with the actual dye synthesis production. There is no accurate scientific line to define whether the products are completely qualified. The reasonable use of HPLC and GC for raw material analysis and detection really plays the role of source control of the product. At present, the workshop production status of Yadong is completely dependent on the workshop director to control the production process, and the instrument control is almost blank. The production process control of the workshop production of the
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