New Asia chemical co.,LTD.Is a subsidiary of tianjin northeast group in Inner Mongolia, is located in the tengger industrial park,covers an area of one hundred and ten thousand square meters;Existing staff of nearly 200 people...

        About us (new Asia chemical)

        New Asia chemical co., LTD. Is a subsidiary of tianjin northeast group in Inner Mongolia, is located in the tengger industrial park, covers an area of one hundred and ten thousand square meters;Existing staff of nearly 200 people, including professional and technical personnel 35 people.To optimize the allocation of resources, prominent main business, and professional collaboration, further extending yadong products industry chain, in early August 2008 to open the construction of the new Asia chemical co., LTD., Inner Mongolia, April 26, 2009, issue of production test, the company dominated by far upstream products, its main products are: intermediate acid, tobias acid, direct fast black G dye and intermediates, annual output of 14000 tons.We adhere to "green" as the foundation, recent plans to invest 30 million construction MVR sewage upgrade project, namely can solve the problem of wastewater treatment, protect the ecological environment, and recycling the waste water of sodium chloride used in the production and sales, as a fundamental guarantee for the long-term development of the company and strong support.
        New Asia chemical adhering to the "people-oriented, science and technology innovation" the enterprise idea, is committed to the development of fine chemical products and research.At present have production capacity at the same time, through constant technological innovation, strengthen brand management, to create a management specification, good quality, strong intermediates chemical raw materials production base.
        The company is now working on the ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification and ISO14001:2004 environmental management system certification, all products conform to the United States ASTM and EN71 of Europe and the European Union ROHS standards.
        Business concept: first-class quality, first-class service.
        Quality management: the new Asia chemical industry from manufacturing, inspection, logistics, customer service, to form a complete whole process quality control, strict scientific management system and modern advanced industrial equipment, with high-quality professional talents, to create high-quality products.
        Marketing range: response to the needs of customers at home and abroad, based on tianjin yadong headquarters, continuous efforts to develop new products of new Asia chemical industry, to provide high quality products, has made unremitting efforts.Centering on the mainland, best-selling Asia, Europe and North America and other countries and regions.
        Research and development: in order to create high quality products, on the basis of research and development center of tianjin yadong headquarters, set up a new Asia dedicated research and development institutions, equipped with advanced technology equipment and outstanding talent, for the future lay a solid foundation for long-term development and production.         
        Customer service: new Asia chemical headquarters sales network as the core, such as production, marketing, research and development department organic combination, to ensure maximum satisfy customer needs, with customers to jointly develop new products, achieve the tenet of "first-class service".
        Inner Mongolia new Asia chemical co., LTD. Will continue through the accurate market positioning, complete industry chain, the first-class production mode, the cost of a strong, high quality service to successfully create "yaxing" brand visibility and reputation, to meet the different needs of industry users around the world, with "honest, sincere" harmonious thinking, to create excellence, to build a resource-conserving and environmentally friendly new yadong and continue to struggle.

        New Asia chemical co., LTD
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