[Longxin] twenty seven years of wind and rain, grow together

[Longxin] twenty seven years of wind and rain, grow together

(Summary description)Twenty seven years of ups and downs, twenty-seven years of hard work, twenty-seven years of faith, twenty-seven years of innovation and change have created the brilliance of today's Yadong people. They have also created such people's wisdom, peace, a sense of place, a way to behave, optimistic, open-minded, positive and passionate. After twenty-seven years, they have become the road sign for future generations.



Twenty seven years of development
——Yadong, I'll go with you
Xiongguan road is really like iron, and now step from the beginning!
Twenty seven years of ups and downs, twenty-seven years of hard work, twenty-seven years of faith, twenty-seven years of innovation and change have created the brilliance of today's Yadong people. They have also created such people's wisdom, peace, a sense of place, a way to behave, optimistic, open-minded, positive and passionate. After twenty-seven years, they have become the road sign for future generations.
Hello, Yadong!
Take off for ten thousand miles, shake up your wings, and strive for a better future.
I first met you in February 2014, when your mystery triggered my strong curiosity. Since then, I have begun to understand you in a simple way. After that, I want to know you more and more. The great image of "technological innovation, serving the society" completely convinced me.
Once upon a time, I dreamed of my future countless times and depicted the most beautiful halo in my heart; once upon a time, I lamented my life countless times and searched for my goal in the ups and downs of the world. In the face of the direction of life extension, with the passion of youth and the vision of the future, I joined you in April 2014, and I'm lucky to be a member of your family. At this time, I understand that the curiosity at that time was the curiosity of children to the unknown world. It is this curiosity that makes me change from a young college student to a new employee in the workplace, so as to start a new journey in life.
When I first came to the company, I was confused, confused and lost. Fortunately, I met the tireless leaders and colleagues. The care of the leaders and the enthusiasm of the colleagues helped me quickly integrate into the work and slowly adapt to the pace of work.
I still remember the hardships of studying documentary work at that time. Facing the strange characters in rows and columns, my eyes were dull and my head was blank. It is Minister Meng's tireless teaching and hands-on teaching that makes me quickly understand the process of documentary work and grasp the essence of documentary work. So in the sweat of the summer I have harvested the single fruit.
After getting familiar with documentary work, I began to study documentary work very soon. This is a work that is both consistent and inconsistent. In work, we must be careful, careful, comprehensive and comprehensive. In the course of my study, I have doubted and lost my wits. Sometimes there will be a change fee of 400 to 500 yuan for checking the bill of lading due to the difference of one letter. If there is a mistake in the bill of lading at the time of delivery, it is likely to cause the customer's refusal to pay, which undoubtedly scares me. I started to learn with this mood. I was only careful and careful, but I still made all kinds of novel mistakes, Unexpectedly, what the mistake brings me is not everyone's ridicule and scolding, but everyone's sincere help and comfort. It's the careful instruction of senior brothers and sisters, the earnest instruction and patient guidance of Ministers that make me get rid of the fear of document work, make me succeed in learning in a short period of time and stand by myself as soon as possible.
I still remember that when making the first presentation document of CARMENS, I had not made the presentation document of intermediate before, plus the commission contract, so I was very careful. If I had any uncertain problems, I asked Fangfang in time. The document was successfully completed and delivered to Bank of China. After Bank of China sent the document to Bank of India, foreign banks found that the collection bank of this document was wrong after feedback. At this time, I was panicked and guilty, because other customers' collecting banks had the same vote as before, and the payment was very smooth. I also made CARMENS according to the bank information in the previous one, but there was a problem. After inquiry, I learned that CARMENS was equivalent to a foreign trader, and the consignee of each vote might be different, so the bank letter The rest is not the same.
After the incident, the minister and colleagues did not scold me. On the contrary, they collectively analyzed the problems and made suggestions. They not only sent emails to customers and asked for help from customers, but also instructed me to communicate with Bank of China and asked them to assist us in sending telegrams to the foreign banks receiving the documents and requesting them to transfer the documents to the actual collection bank. Thanks to your concerted efforts, the lucky thing happened. The two banks were together in India. The banks that received the documents agreed and helped us transfer the documents to the real collecting bank, and completed the collection of the tickets under the follow-up of the customers.
The whole process of the incident brought me not only the experience of real guns, but also the deep feeling of the enterprise, the bottom of the pyramid, the reality and the labor. Yadong is like a band. Only through the concerted efforts of all the members on and off the stage, can it present such a splendid chapter with lingering sound.
Here, I have learned the following work and mastered the operation skills; here, I have experienced the growing pains and experienced the joy of harvest; here, I have seen the strength of striving upward and felt the warmth of solidarity and mutual assistance! It's you who give me the stage to show, so that I can continue to study and exercise in my work. It's you who give me the care of my relatives, which makes me grow up quickly and healthily.
Each of us is a member of this big family. Although each of us has different positions and positions and has different abilities, I think that as long as we spare no effort to contribute our wisdom and strength, and on the basis of doing our own work well, we will try to help others and fulfill our responsibilities for the enterprise. I remember a philosopher once said, "what you plant when you are young, what you can harvest when you are old." for me, this sentence is even more profound. Rooted in the fertile land of Yadong, feel the joy and passion of growth!
Cultivation in the fertile land of Yadong, the extraordinary harvest of life comes from hard work. Cultivation never involves spring, summer, autumn and winter, and never involves cold and heat. This is what I have seen and learned from the people of Yadong. In the face of customer's requirements, we never get upset because of repeated operation, and the desire to serve customers never fade because of accumulated hard work. It is the tenet of Yadong people's service to think about what customers think, think about what customers worry about, and do what customers need.
I also often think about how to cultivate, grow, and continue to write brilliance along the footprints of the older generation of Asian people in this fertile land like Yadong. I think I can only be vigorous if I take myself as a seed and take root in this fertile land like Yadong. If we take the growth of Yadong as our responsibility, we will grow and improve at the same time; if we can take every matter and customer of Yadong seriously and wholeheartedly, our efforts will promote the growth of Yadong, and we will realize the value of life and make contributions after the growth of each seed. What we can gain is not Ordinary life.
Yadong, you work hard!
April showers bring May flowers.
2014 is the first year of the three-year strategic transition period of Yadong, and also the starting year! It's a great honor for me to go through this year with Yadong. At the 2014 annual meeting, Mr. Zhao's wonderful speech let me further understand the course of this year, and the bitterness of this year will come. "Big project", "big baptism" and "big profit". Such momentum, such baptism of blood and fire, such rebirth of Nirvana all shocked me and made me feel the glory of living in this family. From the essential combination of "intensive", "economical" and "integrated" development and operation, to the great strategy of sustainable development of environmental protection water treatment, to the new initiative of bold innovation and bold choice, to the farsighted decision-making of the project's location in Wuhai, all of them are inspiring and of epoch-making significance!
2015 is the second year of the three-year strategic transition period of Yadong, and it is also a crucial year! I'm still very lucky to do my part for Yadong family in 2015. In 2015, we should give full play to the power of the whole group to drive fast and stable vehicles for the operation of Wuhai Yadong. I don't care about the size of my role, I just want to contribute to Wuhai Yadong. In 2015, Yadong will achieve a new breakthrough under the new pattern of China's fine chemical industry. I don't care how powerful I am. I just try my best.
In the past twenty-seven years, we have seen the spring and autumn, the hard work, and the common weal. At the age of 27, when Yadong is officially flourishing, "environmental protection, high quality and leading" are your unremitting pursuit. You take the responsibility of family and society with your great body.
Adon, I am with you!
Sometimes, you can ride the wind and break through the waves, and hang up the clouds and sails to help the sea.
President Liu once said that the development of Yadong is to make people run on the track of development before they can enjoy the joy of success.
This requires us to forge ahead under the new normal, to bear the heavy trust in our future work, to live up to our mission, to overcome difficulties, to improve ourselves, and to contribute our own strength to your development! I have no chance to walk with you in the past twenty-six years, but I'm lucky to walk with you in the next twenty-seven years, the next twenty-seven years
Honor carries the past and develops for the future. In the face of opportunities and challenges, based on enterprises, serving the society, creating benefits for Yadong and contributing to the society. I will always follow this path and devote myself to Yadong. And I am more confident that the road of Yadong will be further and more glorious, and we will fly higher and higher under your leadership. Let's continue to write a new colorful movement of Yadong!
Wang Chenghong, foreign trade department of Longxin company

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