Ordinary post needs "craftsman spirit"

Ordinary post needs "craftsman spirit"

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When it comes to "made in Germany", "Swiss watch", "British suit", "Dutch Royal supplier" and "Japanese thousand year knife", I believe most people are familiar with it and sincerely admire it. But when it comes to work, many employees in chemical enterprises will say that they do not have advanced diploma or technician qualification certificate, and that they are only an ordinary post operator, which is far from the spirit of craftsman. I think it is a misunderstanding and prejudice. In modern management, we should realize the important value of each post, the gold content, and the common post can also practice the spirit of craftsman.
"Craftsman spirit" is a kind of respectful professional attitude, is a kind of meticulous professionalism, it requires employees to do their best to operate carefully, from this point of view, craftsman spirit actually intersects with every employee.
We need to know that in the production site of fine chemical enterprises, the spirit of craftsman has been greatly promoted, and the existing posts are enough to make it a practitioner of craftsman. Specifically, there are two aspects for employees to practice craftsmanship spirit:
First, strictly follow the rules and regulations. Chemical enterprise production is often accompanied by severe chemical reaction, and the materials are generally transported in a closed manner, so the operation requirements are more strict, and each process has detailed process operation regulations. To this end, the staff must be meticulous in accordance with the "three procedures" for benchmarking operations, not a little sloppy. In particular, employees of chemical enterprises should abandon all kinds of nonstandard operation habits such as changing operation steps and simplifying operation procedures, because this not only affects production efficiency, but also endangers safety production, and is more difficult to ensure process quality or product quality. This is also contrary to the most basic operation requirements, and is also inconsistent with the spirit of craftsman.
The second is to improve the operation. Improving product quality, reducing material consumption and increasing productivity efficiency are the inexhaustible power source of chemical production, and also the place where the spirit of craftsman can best be embodied and exerted. In chemical production, process parameters such as temperature, pressure, reaction time, feeding amount and material value play a key role in the quality, yield or material conversion rate of products, which contains huge economic value. Every employee should be cautious. In a word, to practice the spirit of craftsman, employees can rely on the advantages of being familiar with the post, boldly optimize the working procedure, and finally achieve the purpose of improving the quality and efficiency, so as to realize the win-win benefits of enterprises and individuals.
"Craftsman spirit" is the lofty pursuit of refined management, innovation and creation of manufacturing enterprises. Every one of our employees should have and strengthen the "craftsman awareness", improve and consolidate the "craftsman confidence", do one line, love one line, research one line, make a brilliant one line, and make extraordinary achievements in ordinary posts. We should carry forward the spirit of craftsman, practice the spirit of craftsman, respect the talent of craftsman, recognize the value of craftsman, create and create a large number of "artisans of Yadong", make them become the backbone of Yadong, and lay a solid foundation for the safe and innovative development of enterprises.

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