[black sea] let life shine in the struggle

[black sea] let life shine in the struggle

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Petrel can't fly in the sea, but it has the courage to spread its thin wings and fly in the rough sea. Even if it is against the wind, even if it is raining, even if one day the huge waves will break it into the deep sea to end its short life, but it has fought hard after all, and its life will bloom brilliantly because of the struggle.
Hard work is a kind of spirit, hard work is an attitude, and hard work is an indispensable spiritual power in life. Entering the workplace, I understand the importance of hard work. Slowly I began to believe that a word: the lack of hard-working life is regrettable and incomplete.
Now, I have been in Wuhai Yadong for two months. With the plant slowly rising, my own business is also constantly skilled. Constant contact with new people and constant face of different people, let me learn how to adapt in daily work, how to face all kinds of unexpected things, so that I can change at will. When I think back to Yadong, I think everything is strange, and I'm bound to do something. However, with the increase of working time, we began to find that such a way of working did not meet the requirements of work, even less efficient. My main job is recruitment. In the process of recruitment, I met all kinds of people and encountered all kinds of problems and contradictions. However, it's more that the candidates don't understand, and even suffer from blindness. It made me feel that I was not suitable for such a job.
However, I didn't give up. In my work, department leaders and colleagues gave me a lot of help. It strengthened my belief. I can do what others can. In my spare time, I constantly listen to the suggestions of my colleagues and leaders, study modestly and improve my business. Gradually, I am also familiar with my work.
After several months of training, I am now fully competent for my work. What I will do next is how to make the existing work better, to satisfy myself and the leaders. At the same time, I also understand a truth: as long as one dares to fight, to strive, to strive, then one day will find, nothing is impossible.
Workplace is a part of life, but it also represents the attitude of life. However, the greatness of life lies in struggle. If you want to forge the brilliance of life, you should learn to fight and dare to fight. Compare with the one who is better than you. Compete with the one who is always bad. Fight with it. Do it well. If you have bad habits, compete with it and change it. Believe that if so, then anyone will know what is Fight, but sometimes the result is not as good as you think, but we still need to fight, there should be the tenacious spirit of the old man who can't catch big fish more than 80 times in the old man and the sea, so even if you don't have too high achievement in your life, your life is still shining like gold.
Hard work, two simple words. But with infinite energy and miracles. Without hard work, Beethoven's music will not have a soul, not to mention a masterpiece. Without hard work, Madame Curie would not find radium as dazzling as a pale blue light. Without hard work, so many great men would not have been made. Maybe I won't have achievements like them, but I have a heart that will never give up and dare to fight. My hard work will eventually let my life bloom its own light.
Without hard work, how can we fly in the blue sky? How can a wonderful life come without hard work? I will mount a long wind some day and break the heavy waves, and set my cloudy sail straight and bridge the deep, deep sea. In the course of life, with struggle, the wind and waves are no longer terrible; with struggle, there is hope.
Life is wonderful because of hard work! Life, because of hard work and bold!
Liu Ting, Wuhai Yadong Comprehensive Department

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