[Xinya] life is precious, safety price is higher

[Xinya] life is precious, safety price is higher

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Reading thousands of books is not as good as walking thousands of miles, walking thousands of miles is not as good as reading countless people, and reading countless people is not as good as leading by famous teachers. I remember someone once said, "for an enterprise, safety is a bowl, and efficiency is a rice.". It's not hard to understand. How can there be rice without a bowl? There is no benefit without safety. The safety accident involves not only the enterprise benefit, the reputation and image of the enterprise, but also its impact on the society, the families of the employees, the number of casualties, which makes a good family fragmented and separated.
Therefore, if an enterprise wants to make great progress and win-win fame and wealth, it requires every employee of the enterprise to understand and speak about safety, so that safety is always branded in everyone's mind. Only by doing this can an enterprise prosper, take off, realize its ambition and achieve great achievements.
Safety is always the highest interest of an enterprise, and accidents are always the weak points of an enterprise. The alarm goes on, we should take precautions, and we should take precautions against the situation. Just like this, Xinya has always put safety work in the top priority.
I still remember the accident happened in 2011. At that time, the discharge valve of a mother liquor metering tank in the acid treatment post was blocked. The correct treatment method was to use water to dredge the valve. However, one of the team leaders of the acid and alkali neutralization reaction method was adopted. It was known that a lot of heat would be generated during the acid and alkali reaction. At that time, the team leader did not take any protective measures, so a maintenance worker stood on the semi product mother liquor tank and put bags and chips Alkali, when several bags of flake alkali are put into the tank, a huge amount of heat is generated, and the tank body vibrates violently, which causes the maintenance worker to fall from a high place and fracture the leg bone on the spot.
Learn from the past and learn from the future. The bloody fact is a good textbook. It is urgent and imperative to effectively carry out the implementation of the safety production law, vigorously create a safety atmosphere, build a corporate safety culture, and promote the improvement of the overall quality of all staff, as mentioned by president Zhao at the 2015 annual meeting. Why is that? Because accidents happen occasionally, hidden dangers always exist. Mr. Zhao's incisive exposition breaks through the importance of "strengthening safety and rule of law, ensuring safety in production". Safety and benefit are close sisters, while accident and loss are twin brothers. There is no benefit without safety, no big loss without accidents, and no loss for individuals and families. This is a win-win effect.
How to achieve safety without accidents, the most important thing is to find out hidden dangers, eliminate hidden dangers and nip them in the bud. All the facts show that violation of rules and paralysis are the two natural enemies of safety, paralysis is the hotbed of hidden dangers, violation of rules is the fuse of accidents. Only when the killer is hurt and the violation of rules is eliminated, can the hidden dangers be restrained and the occurrence of accidents be eliminated. Secondly, in order to be safe, we should do "four no harm" in our work and remind ourselves "I want to be safe" all the time. Enhance your safety responsibility consciousness, improve your safety skills, standardize your safety behavior, understand the technology, understand the process, oppose illegal operation, abide by the rules and disciplines, learn the prevention, rescue, disposal and other skills of safety accidents, and strengthen the sense of responsibility in the work, without any slack. To be responsible for the work is to be responsible for yourself and the enterprise.
Safety is the most important thing in life. Without security, everything is passing by. Only safety can create happiness, and only safety can enjoy happiness. Here, I wish new Asia always safe, and people all over the world always safe. Let's work together to pay attention to safety, develop our enterprises and build our beautiful home.
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