[Yadong] refined quality inspection management of Yadong

[Yadong] refined quality inspection management of Yadong

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On August 25, 2014, general manager Zhao of the group organized a special meeting on refined management of Yadong company. At this meeting, general manager Zhao focused on the conference spirit of refined management in four areas: product quality, equipment management, power guarantee and on-site management. The refined quality inspection management of Yadong is also an important link, and the stable product quality of Yadong is an important guarantee for the sustainable and healthy development of Yadong in the future.
In order to keep up with the rapid development of Yadong group, Yadong quality inspection department must rectify, upgrade and reorganize. No matter managers or ordinary inspectors, they should first change their ideas, and then put all management system processes in place.
Yadong quality inspection department has carried out comprehensive rectification and upgrading from the following four aspects:
1. Improve the management process
The existing process is rearranged and optimized, especially the inspection process of a single batch of samples in the workshop is rearranged. Guo Jianhua, deputy director of quality inspection, is specially responsible for the quality management of single batch in the workshop, reporting the situation of unqualified single batch to relevant leaders in the form of weekly report, and the production internal service is responsible for the statistics and inclusion into the workshop quality assessment.
The standards of all raw material intermediates are rearranged, supplemented and perfected to adapt to the development of enterprises in the future. At the same time, we should also provide reliable basis for refined production management in the future.
After the completion of all processes, the key is whether they can be implemented continuously, which requires good implementation. The quality inspection department is the guardian of product quality, and it's everyone's responsibility to control the quality. We should start from the leading group to "jointly manage and form a joint force", comprehensively promote the upgrading of quality inspection fine management, without rules and regulations, there will be no square. It is necessary to determine the work direction and main rectification tasks of the quality inspection department in the recent stage, and at the same time, formulate the system flow in line with the actual situation of the quality inspection department, establish an effective management mode, and supervise the implementation. In the process of implementation, we should attach importance to the objectives, focus on the process and the assessment results, and do our best.
2. Improve personnel quality
On the one hand, strengthen the overall technical ability of the existing personnel, on the other hand, actively seek all kinds of talents with professional quality and extensive knowledge through various ways.
Zhang Xiaojuan, the quality inspection engineer, organizes relevant training on a regular basis every month, and is responsible for patrol inspection in daily work, discovering and correcting problems in daily work at any time, so as to improve the technical level of existing inspection personnel.
Through various kinds of job fairs, online recruitment and communication with Mr. Meng of Polytechnic University, I asked him to help introduce several talents with relevant professional knowledge.
3. Strengthen the stability of inspection
Yadong quality inspection department is responsible for the inspection methods of each product in accordance with the requirements of relevant national and industrial standards, and strictly implement the company's inspection operation procedures. Laboratory inspectors shall be responsible for the quality and safety of the inspection process and the inspection data provided. In terms of staffing, each member of Yadong quality inspection department must go through a probation period of 1-2 months before becoming a regular employee. During the probation period, the quality inspection engineer will carry out follow-up training throughout the whole process until it meets the requirements and passes the corresponding assessment before finally becoming a regular employee.
In order to reduce the error rate of inspection and achieve the purpose of stability inspection, all kinds of instruments used in partial inspection are used according to different colors. Carry out 100% self inspection on the newly purchased volumetric flask, pipette, buret and other inspection instruments with strict accuracy requirements, and use them only after the self inspection and calibration are qualified.
Special personnel shall be arranged to conduct on-site sampling for the post-treatment finished products and samples. Each sampling shall be divided into three parts: upper, middle and lower parts, and a large proportion sampling inspection shall be arranged once or twice a week, 100% sampling inspection shall be conducted for small tonnage batches, and 30% or 50% sampling inspection shall be conducted for large tonnage batches, so as to ensure that there is no problem of mixing dead angle and ensure the safe and accurate delivery of products.
4. Gradually implement 7S management
7S management is an advanced and systematic field management method. We should gradually explore a set of 7S management methods suitable for Yadong quality inspection. In order to achieve safety and economy in the whole inspection process, it is necessary to carry out sorting, cleaning and cleaning in a limited inspection site. The most important point is quality: strive to improve the quality of personnel, develop the habit and style of strictly abiding by rules and regulations, which is the core of 7S activity.
Through these aspects, the quality inspection department gradually develops to the direction of fine management, and produces a qualitative leap to keep up with the development of Yadong group. Through rectification, great changes have taken place in the quality inspection department. In the past, employees lacked initiative and enthusiasm in their work. They felt that they had nothing to do with themselves. After rectification, they effectively mobilized their work enthusiasm, took the initiative to learn new testing knowledge, and formed a good atmosphere where they could not learn but ask. Every employee is committed to the work with rigorous work style and realistic attitude, in order to grasp solid basic theoretical knowledge and skilled operation skills as soon as possible.
The refined quality inspection management of Yadong is a long-term and systematic project, which requires perseverance. We have no way out, only to face the difficulties.
Cheng Rucai, quality inspection department of Yadong company

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