[Yadong] mid autumn tea party of Yadong company

[Yadong] mid autumn tea party of Yadong company

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I'm a stranger in a foreign land alone. I think twice about my family during the holidays! In a word, the homesickness of people living in other places! September 8, 2014 is a day of reunion. It is a day of national celebration and family happiness for our Chinese nation. In this festive day, there are many employees from other places in our Yadong factory. They can't go home to be reunited with their families because of their work needs. For the vigorous development of our Yadong business and the abundant food and clothing of our families, our employees still stick to the production line. Here we say "hard!"
In order to express the company's leaders' thanks to the employees from other places, at 17:30 p.m. on the Mid Autumn Festival, the general management department organized a tea party for the employees from other places in the staff canteen to celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival. Zhang Baowen, manager of Yadong company, he Huaying, deputy manager, Xue Sihua, director of production management department, and Dajia were invited to spend the Mid Autumn Festival together. At the tea party, the general management department prepared rich food for the employees from other places Cooked food, peanuts, melon seeds, fruits, beer and drinks are all available, so that our employees from other places can feel the warmth of their home in Yadong, so that our workers can get along with each other like their relatives, and make their families feel at ease, and feel that their relatives are lucky and proud to work in Yadong.
At the meeting, Zhang Baowen, the manager of Yadong company, on behalf of the group's general manager Zhao, expressed sympathy and thanks to all the employees from other places who attended the tea party. Zhang said passionately, "although we can't be reunited with our families during the Mid Autumn Festival, we are brothers and sisters in Yadong family, and we are one family! So today we're going to spend the Mid Autumn Festival together. Let's drink to each other! " All the staff stood up to raise their glasses and celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival. The atmosphere was very warm and harmonious. Then manager he and department head Xue took turns to toast. Manager he said it was the first time that she felt the warmth of Yadong during the festival in other places, felt the profound corporate culture and humanized enterprise management of Yadong, and then we talked and talked with each other Smile will push the staff tea party to a climax!
In order to let everyone have a good rest and work better tomorrow, the tea party lasted for more than an hour, and we still have a lot to say. Although the mid autumn tea party is over, the family affection of our Yadong family is still continuing, and the spirit of Yadong is still inspiring us. We should closely unite in Yadong to contribute to the brilliant cause of Yadong!
Liu Hongdong, General Department of Yadong company

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