[Yadong] advanced investigation and study experience and understanding of refined management in Wuxi

[Yadong] advanced investigation and study experience and understanding of refined management in Wuxi

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On August 25, 2014, general manager Zhao of the group and vice manager Liu of the group organized a meeting on "current situation and future development direction of management of Yadong" organized by the general director of production and operation, manager department and department heads of Yadong company, which put forward a clear plan for the development direction of Yadong, among which the key point was that "refined management" must be upgraded, to break the old-fashioned idea and to "go out", Introduction ", Mr. Zhao proposed to carry out multiple rounds of reports from September, and there must be a qualitative change in some areas.". With the concept of "refined management" upgrading, in September, the company organized and led a group of 7 people, including deputy manager of Yadong, director of quality inspection, director of production, and director of equipment, to visit a foreign trade customer enterprise in Wuxi and learn from the advanced management concept of foreign enterprises.
When arriving at the customer's plant area, the relevant supervisor will arrange to explain the enterprise management in the form of slides in the morning from the aspects of enterprise introduction and development, safety management, quality assurance, production process, solid waste management, dust management, etc. After each part of the explanation, we have in-depth discussion and questions with customers, and learned more management models and management concepts. In the introduction of each management department of the enterprise, we have seen the high quality and accomplishment of department managers. This is the direction that we need to cultivate and introduce talents continuously, and the goal of improving the comprehensive quality of middle-level management cadres.
On the afternoon of that day, the customer arranged to go to the factory area for an open and unreserved visit. Our first feeling when we entered the factory area was that the factory area was particularly clean and tidy. It was drizzling in the afternoon, and there was no trace of color in the plant area and workshop, which shocked us a lot. We learned more advanced technology in Korean enterprises, and formed a big gap with our factory. Coming to this factory, there is no advanced technology, more detail management, which is very consistent with the actual situation of Yadong's enterprises, and we can do it.
First of all, it is the corporate culture of customers. The enterprise pays special attention to the mobilization of all employees, and the ideological consciousness of employees is unified with the ideological consciousness of enterprise management. When the enterprise has new rules and regulations and management scheme to implement, it first makes the employees accept the ideological consciousness and then implement them. If the workers have any aversion, they should put it aside, accept it and then implement it. Avoid creating a situation where a lot of work can't be pushed forward, or even half the effort. There are more than 200 people in the factory, 54 of whom have bachelor's degree or above, with a high level of general education. The customer's plan at the beginning of the year is clear and detailed, and the implementation of the plan is planned, tracked and with results. There are complete assessment standards and mechanisms, and the principle of economic leverage is used to motivate employees.
The second is on-site management. No matter in the office area, laboratory, plant area, workshop, etc., the articles are placed in a clear position, with clear marks, and placed in a neat and uniform manner. Employees operate in accordance with the operation instruction step by step, and subconsciously execute in strict accordance with each step. We see that the environment of the mixing section and workshop is very clean, there is no color at all, which makes us shocked. The working clothes of the workers are very clean, the working environment is very clean, and they are really spotless. When mixing and discharging materials, we took photos. The workers are skilled in the operation. Although the preparation work for discharging takes up a lot of time, they did not omit a bit in the working process.
All data records are complete and standardized, including production and operation records, equipment inspection records, dust monitoring records, etc.
Finally, equipment guarantee. Customers don't have advanced equipment, but there are several kinds of equipment independently developed in a year or even longer. And the data parameters and operation effect of each device are perfect. From the environmental point of view, it really ensures the clean and tidy working environment on site. Such as pulverizer, wet dust remover, etc.
The trip to Wuxi showed us the gap in management, and the upgrading of "refined management" is the only way for the growth of enterprises, with a long way to go. After the investigation, we have carried out many rounds of discussion, step-by-step and planned implementation. It is the core of "refined management" to change the concept of thinking. Around this aspect, we can learn from the concept of customers, mobilize all staff, make staff actively participate in, discuss and implement together. Take six workshops as a sample, from the quality control of raw materials to the output of finished products, each process is subject to detailed management. "Refined management" must not shout slogans, take practical actions, make substantive changes, and persist in doing so.
Xue Xinghui, Manager Department of Yadong company

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