[Yadong] induction

[Yadong] induction

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"I lost pride, Yang Jun lost willow, Yang Yang Yang Yang Yang Yang Yang straight up to the sky nine." "Kuteng, old trees, crows, small bridges, flowing water, old roads, west wind, thin horses. When the sun sets, heartbroken people are at the end of the world. " "It's a long way to go. I'll go up and down. Wood Xinxin starts with prosperity and spring trickle down. " "Two sentences for three years, a song for two tears." Among all the interviewees, I was lucky enough to stand out and become a member of Yadong company. I started my new journey of life with my beautiful hope and a zero start mentality.
It has been nearly three months since I joined the Yadong family unconsciously. For a new comer, he has just entered the Yadong group. His corporate culture and working environment are all so strange. Although he has accumulated some working experience in the past, he is still under pressure when he just entered the company. In order to get into the working condition and adapt to the working environment as early as possible, consult colleagues when there is a problem, actively learn the professional knowledge required by the work, and strive to improve their business level. During this period of work, I learned a lot of knowledge. With the gradual improvement of my work level, I was also very full and happy during my work, and it was worthwhile to be tired again! Ostrovsky, the former Soviet writer, said: "the most precious thing for people is life. Life is only once for everyone. A person's life should be spent like this: when he looks back on the past, he will not regret for wasted time, nor be ashamed for mediocrity! "This is the best interpretation of the value of life, and as I know, Yadong is a big family. He cares about every employee and gives every employee enough space to show himself!
It is because of their meticulous care and tireless help that I am liberated from that kind of tension as soon as possible, so that I can adapt to the environment as soon as possible. Here, I would like to especially thank the leaders and colleagues who helped me during this period. Their passion for work has led me to work wholeheartedly! Let me apply what I have learned and be able to Give full play to my ability of making and dealing with problems. Just because I like my work, I can devote myself to my work wholeheartedly. I know that only positive actions can bring fruitful results. In order to do a good job in logistics support, I am doing every task assigned to me by the leaders.
Society is developing, information is growing, and challenges are intensifying. I will not only give full play to my own advantages, but also improve my own quality by learning from others' experience. With the continuous development of the company, Wuhai branch is also in full swing construction, which makes me feel that Yadong is constantly undergoing tremendous changes.
The development goal of the company is grand and long-term, and the development of the company is the development of each of us. I believe that I have the ability to seize the opportunity, go hand in hand with Yadong, and meet a better future.
General management department of Yadong company
Zhang Shuai

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