The importance and danger of local area network in Yadong

The importance and danger of local area network in Yadong

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LAN security is the state that the computer communication network system, which is composed of various computers, external devices and databases, is not infringed by dangerous virtual things in a local geographical scope (such as a school, factory and organ).
With the rapid popularization of Internet, LAN application has become an essential part of the development of enterprises. However, while feeling the convenience brought by the network, it also faces various attacks and threats: Secret leakage, data loss, network abuse, identity fraud, illegal invasion At present, Yadong group has established the corresponding local area network security hardware system (such as VPN device, Netcom Internet manager, Kaspersky firewall), but in the actual use of software, due to the user's lack of awareness of the importance of security software and the incorrect use of various security tools, system vulnerabilities, illegal software, viruses, malicious code intrusion and other phenomena emerge in endlessly As a result, the user's computer operating system fails to meet the security level required by the level standard, and greatly reduces the security of group data (NC system).
For a long time, the concept of security defense has been limited to conventional vulnerability scanning, firewall, anti-virus, IDS and other aspects of defense. The important security facilities are generally concentrated in the computer room and network entrance. Under the strict monitoring of these devices, the security threats from the outside of the network are greatly reduced. However, the security threat from the internal network is gradually highlighted. The internal network security problem is bigger than the external problem, which has become the consensus of the industry. Frequent exposure of illegal software installation, bringing other devices into the LAN without permission and other situations make the LAN security hidden dangers. After the computer starts up, it is urgent to install the software automatically and carry out the LAN system security optimization construction. However, it is necessary to carry out LAN security construction and self-defense awareness. The first step is to have a comprehensive understanding of the system, evaluate the system security, and recognize the risks, so as to solve the network security problems quickly and accurately; the second step is to pay attention to the automatic pop-up windows and other small windows in some web sites when surfing the Internet; the third step is to ensure the safety of the U disk and check and kill the virus in the process of using the U disk, Avoid the U disk from spreading to the computer and then to other users in the LAN. So we must be vigilant to ensure that our data will not be lost and the security of the NC server.
Information leakage or loss: refers to the intentional or unintentional leakage or loss of sensitive data, which usually includes the loss or leakage of information in the transmission (for example, "hackers" can intercept confidential information by means of electromagnetic leakage or wire tapping, or can deduce useful information by analyzing the information flow direction, flow volume, communication frequency and length and other parameters, such as account order, account number, etc Important information) is lost or leaked in the storage medium, and sensitive information is stolen through the establishment of hidden tunnels. Destroy data integrity: steal the right to use the data by illegal means, delete, modify, insert or resend some important information to obtain the response beneficial to the attacker; maliciously add and modify the data to interfere with the normal use of the user. Denial of service attack: it constantly interferes with the network service system, changes its normal workflow, executes irrelevant programs to slow down or even paralyze the system response, affecting the use of normal users.
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