[Yadong] NC system daily doc operation tips and precautions

[Yadong] NC system daily doc operation tips and precautions

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1. Necessity of inventory organization, warehouse, department and receipt / issue category: This is an indispensable operation in the table body and a key step in receipt. If it is not filled in correctly, the direction of this document will be wrong.
2. Blind area of transfer in / out: transfer in / out must be the same. If it is inconsistent with the actual situation, please communicate in a timely manner. The in / out must be the same. Otherwise, the data in the financial account is wrong and the accounting is uneven. If the content of intermediate acid 100 is at the time of delivery of New Asia, but it is 98 after the actual detection of Yadong, then timely communicate this matter, and coordinate whether to modify the content of 100 in the original delivery order to 98, or do other treatment, but not inconsistent.
3. Other goods in and out of the warehouse shall not be used indiscriminately: it is not allowed to do other goods in and out of the warehouse, except for type conversion, especially for inventory loss, inventory gain and return.
4. Return process: Longxing internal service is required to place return orders. Transfer orders and sales orders can click return on the original documents, while purchase orders need to place negative orders again. It is strongly required that what the original documents are and the return documents must be the same. If the content of intermediate acid is 1 ton for 50 content and 1 ton for 70 content, then it is not allowed to make 2 tons for 60 content or 2 tons for other content. It must be the same as the original document. Of course, the quantity depends on the actual quantity returned, but the content, color, standard and packaging must be consistent.
5. Inventory adjustment: the later added inventory will not be added to the classification of raw materials and semi-finished products. It is divided according to the properties of raw materials and intermediates, and the inventory name and classification are reasonably planned. Yadong and Xinya have been sorted out, and Wuhai new needs more attention.
6. Documents not found:
① When querying reports and documents, some special conditions are sometimes forgotten, resulting in documents not being found. If you query a return document, you will lose the return conditions. Generally, the return is the receipt option by default. You need to select all or return conditions, especially the uncommon conditions. Therefore, it must be noted that multiple conditions are not necessarily bad, but more detailed and accurate;
② In the case of login date problem, sometimes the computer is not closed due to wrong login time or black-and-white shift. When the NC interface is not closed, the login time is actually yesterday's time. In this case, the time for making documents is not allowed. When querying, the general operator judges the time according to the display of his / her document number, such as cr1508260233 It will default to the document of August 26, but this is not the case, so this document cannot be found all the time. This has happened in the previous experience, so it's necessary to look at the login time. If there is a document number in the query, you can also delete the start date, and enter the document number to better find the document you want.
7. Accounting standard: the documents shall be timely, and the input of warehouse, finance and internal service documents shall be timely and accurate, and the daily and monthly settlement, especially the end of the month, shall be the key, and all departments shall be checked to ensure smooth connection.
Wang Hua, Finance Department of Yadong company

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