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SBC power technology co., LTD., founded in 1999, is China the stock exchange of Hong Kong listed company digital information co., LTD., a subsidiary of a large joint-stock high-tech enterprises.Since its establishment, China power technology co., LTD. Has always been committed to provide information service for Chinese enterprises, in the country started to operation mode realizes the enterprise information.
Based on the characteristics of Chinese enterprises and their information needs a deep understanding of China power technology co., LTD. "information operation" mode has been successful for more than 30 m enterprises provides comprehensive, multifaceted informatization overall solution.
Forward along with the Chinese economy booming and the advancement of enterprise informatization, China power very quickly the development of science and technology co., LTD., is now in the country set up more than 80 affiliated branches, employs more than 8000 people, has more than 1200 people, research and development and operations engineers become a large, powerful information carrier.
International authoritative institutions, according to IDC report SBC power technology co., LTD., has six years in a row for Chinese local companies first IT outsourcing services market, with the international IT service mummified giant IBM, HP China top three IT outsourcing services market, and in 2007 at the top of IT outsourcing services market, promoted the Chinese local brands struggle, beyond brilliant chapter.